Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bic Mark-It Permanent Marker Smiley Mission!

                   I was one of the lucky ones to receive the Smiley360 Mission for Bic Mark-It Permanent markers. 

                   If you aren't aware of what Smiley is..." Smiley360 is a community of people who love brands. Members participate in "missions" in which they receive products for free in exchange for sharing their opinions both online and offline. The goal is to get people talking about the product and to give feedback to the product manufacturer."*
                  You receive "smiles" on a point system so the more you share the more you earn. The more smiles you earn the higher your level is and the result is you are included in more missions. So the more active you are, the more free stuff you get. 

                                                    What I received!

                   Obviously if you are reviewing and sharing about the Bic marker Color Collection, you will need the markers. I received a large 36 pack of all the Mark-It permanent markers. Bic is well known for having great products anyway, but I have been in love with these coloured permanent markers since they were first released. 

                  The plastic case they come in is pretty sturdy and opens to reveal 3 compartments of markers, pastels, more Earthy tones, and some that are more neon. No more boring black permanent markers for me... but just in case you really love your black permanent markers, one is included, and they all have fun names like Tuxedo Black, Peach Parfait, Plumtastic Purple, and Meadow Green..because, why not? 

                                Also included in the package was your choice of a single large pumpkin decoration kit, a mask kit, a witch hat kit, or a small 12 pack pumpkin decorating kit. I choose the 12 pack kit for a HouseParty I am throwing soon (look forward to more on that later!!!). 
                                    The 12 pack pumpkin kit included a cylinder of Darice Decorative Fruit Pumpkins, 1.4 oz bottle of White Craft glue, a stiff bristle paint brush and 4 huge bottles of loose  craft glitter.                                                            
                       The glitter was from Oriental Trading Company and was a standard loose craft glitter in fall colours. They came in a deep red shade, a burnt orange shade, a golden yellow-y orange and a  deep green. I'm looking forward to a huge mess with that! I will write an updated blog post later after the the HouseParty to show off how they were decorated. ;)

* Info pulled from direct from their website.
***FTC:"I received a 36-Pack of BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Markers
for free from Smiley360."

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