Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slice Safety Cutter- Review and Giveaway

    I'll just come right out and say it, I get a lot of mail. I love sending mail, and receiving mail and writing letters, and sending gifts. Because of all this, I own a box cutter. I own a few actually. Did I also mention I am KIND OF a klutz? Some days I feel like I shouldn't even be allowed to use children's safety scissors, so I was pretty ecstatic to try something new.
    The Slice Safety Cutter is another one of those Diane-proof tools that I should keep around for everything. 

   The blade on the Safety Cutter  is ceramic, it stays sharp, never rusts and is finger friendly. Trust me, I tested this out. I touched it thinking it would hurt, it didn't. I ran my finger along it; nothing! I held it in my hand thinking "well this can't possibly work then can it?" It did.  I did some test cuts on the packaging I pulled it out of and no other word could escape my mouth my but "wow!"
      It cut through the cardboard, it cut through the plastic; still didn't cut my finger. I opened an envelope with it. I opened a big box with it and it cut right through the packing tape no problem! I was super excited and I turned it over in my hands a few times and couldn't get over how adorably tiny it was. Great things DO come in small packages!

Why Ceramics?
- Next to diamonds ceramics are the
most durable material on Earth
- Ceramics have a hardness of 8.2 MOHS
vs. steel at 5.5 MOHS
- Stays sharper and harder than even
high-carbon steel
- Non-sparking and does not conduct electricity *

      So not only is it adorable, tiny, useful, and safe, it's also magnetic and has a key ring. What more could you possibly want, right? What if I told you that Slice donates 1% of corporate worldwide sales to various autism research programs that have global ramifications for families and individuals that live with autism on a daily basis?* If you would like to learn more about it you can visit THIS LINK or check out their ABOUT section on their website to learn more about why. Having a nephew with autism and having friends that have children with autism, it really hits home and only makes me love everything about Slice even more!

    All that being said how about I show you how awesome it is? They graciously provided me with a second Safety Cutter for me to give to one of you! Just take a few minutes to do a few easy entries on the Rafflecopter and I will send it to you in the mail if you win! Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesy! 
* Information provided by the company.

FTC: The products shown were provided to for review and a giveaway. No other compensation was received. Please be aware I am the one shipping the prize and this IS a pet friendly home!!! Please Read Terms and Conditions on the Rafflecopter for full details!

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Engage Green- Slim Fit Case Review

         I'm not much of a "purse person". I prefer messenger bags, cross body bags or back packs. Not because I carry a lot of stuff with me or anything, I just like the idea of having it attached to me in a way that will prevent my forgetful mind from losing it. I currently use a messenger bag I made myself, and there have been a few times I forgot I was wearing it and freaked out because I couldn't find it. The worst part about my current bag is I intended it to be a bag that I could easily carry my laptop in... a laptop that is over 17 inches. Needless to say I lose stuff in it often because I decided I wasn't feeling inner pockets since it wasn't meant to be a purse. It was definitely time for a change.
Dexter working hard on quality control
    That's where the Slim Fit Case from Engage Green comes in. I'm all about recycling when it comes to making things. (My current messenger bag was made from scrap fabric and a pair of old pants.) The Slim Fit Case is made from recycled plastic or PETE. (Polyethylene Terephthalate) If you ask me, that's pretty darn awesome.
     Approximately 18 used 16oz plastic bottles make 1 yard of fabric. 4,800 used 16oz plastic bottles saves 1 cubic yard of the landfill. According to EPA recycling 1 pound of plastic containers (PETE) save approximately 12,000 BTU's per yard.*

 Not only are they getting nasty plastic recycled into something useful, it looks pretty awesome too! The Slim fit case has one of my favorite things ever inside, POCKETS! The inside is padded really well with a silver metallic lining that is TSA approved and keeps your items safe from scanning and temperatures. One side has a large Velcro pocket good for an ipad, small laptop, folders or notebooks, and the other side has smaller pockets, one zipper and 3 small bungee pockets as well as another one hidden behind the whole panel.

    I literally love everything about this bag! I love that it's water proof, I love that the straps are convertible, or removable,I love the ADORABLE logo,I love that it's sturdy,  I love that it's slim but still has plenty of room to carry everything you need, but most of all I love that it's made of recycled materials! If you want to read more information on this particular bag or any other that they carry check out their website HERE.   

*Information taken from their website
FTC: I was provided the product shown for review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Roaring Spring Paper Products Review & Giveaway

   If you have been around and paying attention you may have noticed, I kind of have a thing for writing. Paper, Pens and I, we are besties. I love taking notes and writing things down, doodling, making lists and just any time I have an excuse to put pen to paper I take it. Sadly, I can only imagine how many trees I have gone through in my lifetime so far. I became aware of my overuse of paper products and tried to cut back by going as digital as I possibly could, but it doesn't have that same feel as having something tangible in your hands that you can take with you. 
        Roaring Springs Paper Products has really done their best to produce amazing products and save some trees while they were at it. Established in 1887, the company has grown from a tiny 20 person operation to over 250 employees.
       Using Recycled materials, they are 97% Landfill free and divert 2.7 million pounds of scrap material from landfills. They save 25,889 trees, 11 million gallons of water, 4,690 cubic yards of landfill space, 6.4 million kilowatts of electricity, and eliminate 93,809 pounds of air pollutants.*

 Cross Over Book
One of their brand new additions to their line of awesome products is a cross over book. It's double sided so you can use both sides of the paper. So you have one side that's Landscape, one side that's portrait and when back-lit the paper becomes graph paper. In standard 8x11 and recycled paper  it really is an amazing idea and a unique product.
 Coloured Landscape Pads
  This three pack of pads really come in handy. They are smaller that traditional paper in an 8x6 wide landscape format in various colours. Made from recycled paper they are good to be kept in places where you may need to take down quick notes. They allow you to work in Computer screen dimensions and are the perfect size for tossing in a backpack or briefcase, or sitting near your home phone or computer. 
Enviroshades 1 Sub, 3 Sub, and 5 Sub 
The Genesis Enviroshades subject notebooks are made with another type of recycled process, Sugarcane. 
Their sugarcane paper uses less energy and water than it takes to recycle old paper. Produced from the residue of the sugarcane crop, their sugarcane paper boasts a quality, brightness, and writing ease that exceeds traditionally recycled paper every time.* You can really tell these are quality notebooks but what you CAN'T tell is that they are made any different than any other paper subject notebook. It just feels like paper. They come with dividers and pockets, as well as perforated sheets for easy removal. 
Landscape Wide Pads White & Yellow
   The landscape pads come in a wide 11x9.5 sheet that is perforated at the top. I have the college ruled but they also come in wide ruled in the white as well as the canary yellow. These are the big brothers to the Jr. landscape 3 pack (shown above) that I received and are also available in grid paper. These are great when you need more than just a little space for writing notes, lists or letters.

       Now is your chance to win some of the awesome products you see here! Roaring Spring Paper has graciously provided me with a giveaway featuring the items you see here! Just head on down the page to the rafflecopter and check out the easy entries you can do to win! Don't forget to check out their website as well for all kinds of other items NOT shown here and to learn more about the amazing things they are doing with paper!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Information pulled from their website.
FTC: I was provided the products shown for review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own. LittleYllwBird is not responsible for shipment of prize, please read the Terms and Conditions on the Rafflecopter for more information!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Starlooks-January Starbox Review and Giveaway

  I'm at it again with my makeup hoarding and love of subscription boxes. I would definitely have to say, this one takes the cake. I was beyond ecstatic to have the January Starlooks Starbox in my hands and I literally squealed when I opened it. 
       If ever there were a subscription box that had my name written all over it, it would definitely be this one.  One of the coolest and most unique things about Starlooks is they include a tiny crystal in 
the box.

Left with flash-Right natural light
    Starlooks sends out a monthly box for $15 full of 4-5 full sized products from their Starlooks line. 
      The first thing I pulled out of the box was this gorgeous blush is c121 Cuty Peach. It is a beautiful bright rosy peach. The colour itself is very build-able or easily sheered out for a more subtle look. I found it to be quite powdery, but if you tap ff the excess there is no real issue. I didn't notice any streaking when I applied it with a stipple brush and it blended beautifully. I tend to really find myself reaching for peach blushes more than anything because they are just easier for me to work with than any other shade. This will definitely be my go to shade. There isn't an overload of glitter in it, which is amazing but it still gives a nice glow to the skin. Retail $12
   The next item in the box was a brown eye pencil. The pencil glides on so smoothly and it actually took some coaxing with soap and water to remove the swatch from my hand. This particular brown shade I think would work well as a nice liner on the eyes for a more natural eye look, but I opted to try it out on my brows. I decided against setting it with a powder and it still looked pretty good. I didn't have any issues with it smudging or budging. I love that there was literally no need to press hard or drag it across my skin to get a good amount of colour to lay down. It is definitely the most superior of all the liners I own that are in pencil form when it comes to staying power. Retail $8

   The next item is definitely my weakness. A makeup brush. I love makeup brushes. I have an ever growing collection but I didn't have anything like this one. It is a natural hair small dome fluff brush. The brush is made of cruelty free pony hair and it is super soft. It works great as a small eye shadow brush, a smudger, or even works well as a blender. Retail $15
Left, with flash-Right, natural light

  There was a second liner in the box but this is no ordinary liner. The Diamondline eyeliner in Fancy is one of those rare things that you love so much you want to wear it everyday. In my case I want to put it all over my face and pretend I'm a sparkly unicorn but maybe that's just me. It's a gorgeous gold/green shade in a waterproof formula that just glides on effortlessly. It has the most beautiful  amount of shimmer and looks amazing on the eyes. Retail $8
  As a bonus they included a beautiful hand beaded wrap around bracelet by Abby Rose Designs on ETSY. The bracelet is an open design with memory wire that you can wrap around your wrist. The beads are are gorgeous and has a twisted spiral vine look with the smaller beads along the length of the bracelet.
    If you use the coupon code STARLOOKS at check out they give you free shipping and also until February 1st Starlooks will have this design available on their website for $15

    If you have been keeping track, this month's Starbox retails for about $63. That is absolutely incredible! I am 1,000% in love with everything I received and for $15 a month it is well worth it. All of the products I received were highly pigmented, great quality and well worth the price listed and more. If there is something you happen to like out of the box they have everything available for purchase on their website.  
 You can also check them out on their Facebook and their Youtube channel!

     Now here is your chance to test out a Starbox for FREE! One person will receive a past October Starbox! All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter entries below! Please make sure you read the Terms and conditions box on the Rafflecopter! Contest will end on February 5th on my Birthday!! YAY! Let's turn this into a party!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Godefroy Heated Eyelash Curler Review and Sweepstakes Info!

  You know what's pretty scary? Putting a weird contraption near your eye that squeezes your eyelashes to curl them. Women as a whole tend to do this routinely. I'm still kind of terrified of eyelash curlers. I've heard horror stories of lashes being cut by them or pulled out, and I can't help but wonder why we continue to do this to ourselves. I refuse to use an eyelash curler while wearing mascara because the lashes got stuck once and that was all I needed to not ever do that again. 
   I've pinched my delicate eyelid, I've messed up my eye shadow and liner and I thought I was going to pull my lashes out one time too many. I am a natural born klutz so doing something as silly as messing around so close to my eyes is just the icing on the cake some days.
              I have never tried a heated eyelash curler before so the prospect of curling my lashes with heat and not crimping them sounded scarier. Heat and I, we are not the best of friends, but I decided to give the one from Godefroy Beauty a shot.
              Upon initial inspection I realized, I love the size. It's a little larger than a pen. Similar in size to the battery powered eyebrow trimmers you see everywhere. It only requires a single AAA battery and has a simple ON/OFF sliding power switch. The curler cannot be on if the cap is firmly in place and the body slides off to reveal the hidden battery compartment.   
              After carefully reading the instructions I decided to go for it and give it a shot. Basically you let it heat up for 30 seconds. To me, it never felt hot to the touch. You place the comb at the base of the lashes and hold for 8 to 10 seconds. You can repeat until you feel your lashes are as curled as you desire and that's it. I noticed a pretty significant difference. One of the best part about it though? You can use with or without mascara. I was thrilled because sometimes if you layer on a lot of mascara, sometimes your lashes can droop and uncurl. With the heated eyelash curler you can touch up the curl on them after the mascara is applied.
Curled on left side uncurled on right. Top without mascara,
 bottom with mascara.

      I absolutely love the results I received. I didn't hurt myself, I didn't lose any lashes, I didn't burn myself and my lashes were curled and looked great. It was super exciting! I finally have something that is Diane-proof. Now here's hoping I don't slip and poke myself in the eye with it. =D

       Godefroy is also holding a sweepstakes on their Facebook page to win a $100 shopping spree on their website. The New Year New You 2013 Sweepstakes will have six winners that will be drawn on February 2nd. All you have to do is follow THIS LINK to their Facebook, like their page, and complete the submission form. If you would like to read the Terms and Conditions of their sweepstakes you can check that out HERE.

FTC: I received the products shown for review and no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mavea Water Pitcher Review

      Let's get real for a minute. Most of you are pretty much unaware of the fact that I am on a gnarly medication to help treat a neurological disorder that destroys the optic nerve. Because of this medication I run the risk of dehydrating pretty easily so I constantly have to drink fluids. Water is literally my best friend right now.
         I noticed that drinking the city water with a weak filter actually made my stomach hurt so I have to make sure that the filter on the tap is always going strong.  I have tried filtered reusable water bottles but they were a hassle. I have resorted to keeping 2 two 1 liter bottles in the fridge with water that I switch back and forth between every day. Sometimes that's not enough though. A water filter has a timeline on it and it can only last for so long before the quality of the filtered water goes down. So having a pitcher that filters water is great!
       The Mavea Elemaris XL pitcher is actually a pretty sophisticated water pitcher. I know what you are thinking.
"It holds water, how can it be sophisticated?" Well let me tell you. The Mavea Elemaris XL pitcher first off actually has a handle that is ergonomically designed. When you hold it, you can feel just how great the handle is. I have noticed some handles on pitchers or jugs cut into the top of my finger from the weight, this pitcher actually has an indentation to prevent that. The rubberized grip also makes it feel like you have a sturdy grip on it. This same rubberized grip is also located on the bottom of the pitcher in the form of 4 no slip feet.
        The next coolest part about this pitcher is actually the lid. The lid itself is a sturdy hard plastic with 2 really cool additions. One of these being a digital read out. This digital screen is actually a micro computer that measures 3 things; The volume of the water, the quality of the water (hardness) and when it's time to change the filter. The micro computer is removable as well as the rest of the parts are actually dishwasher safe so you never have to worry about not being able to clean the lid properly.
        The second coolest part about the lid is the pour-through hole. It comes with a  plastic stopper that works on a hinge/float system. When the lid is untouched, the stopper is closed to prevent anything from getting in, when you want to fill the pitcher just pour water over the pour-through lid and the stopper will open under the weight of the water. When the water in the pitcher fills up the stopper actually floats up and closes to prevent overfilling. How neat is that?
  The pitcher itself comes in several easy to assemble parts including a water filter. The water filter actually does the job of replacing 300 water plastic water bottles. That's a lot of water. Can you imagine just having 300 plastic water bottles in your fridge? That's 300 less in the landfills which is pretty spectacular. What's even more spectacular is on their website you can fill out a form to return a minimum of 6 filters at a time to recycle them and they pay the shipping cost. The pitcher is also BPA free and holds 9 glasses of water.
           The instructions to get started with the pitcher are just as easy as it is to use. Just pop out the micro computer, throw all the other pieces in the dish washer or hand wash them, submerge the filter and shake to get rid of the air bubbles, assemble the pitcher and fill it up twice. The instructions say to discard the first two rounds of filtered water in a plant or something because you are rinsing the filter to make sure it is working properly and you are good to go. It really is as simple as that. It's almost like having an intelligent friend who likes to make sure you stay healthy.
        The Mavea pitcher I have, the Elemaris XL, comes in a variety of cool colours like white, black purple, green, and red. I'm totally in love with my white one but I think I would love to add a black one or a green one to my collection. Check out their website for more information of their products, where to buy and to learn more. Also check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

FTC: I was provided the product shown to review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Food Should Taste Good- All Natural Chip Review

    As a person who enjoys snacks while watching movies, sometimes it's better to choose the healthier choice than the naughty one. When I don't have fruit or baby carrots sometimes I go for the not so great stuff like pretzels and ice cream. 
   Food Should Taste Good is a mouthful of a brand name but it really seems fitting and it is very much a true statement. Healthy choices SHOULD taste good and I shouldn't have to worry how much sodium is in that handful of pretzels or how much processed sugar is in candy and ice cream.
  With chips made from real, simple ingredients. They are also all Kosher, and gluten free as well low in sodium, free of cholesterol, preservatives and trans fat.
    They have a "Boatload" of tortilla flavors and 4 kettle chip flavors. I tried 3 of the tortilla flavors and 1 of the kettle chip flavors and boy was I surprised.

 Original Sweet Potato Chips
Surprisingly the bag listed three simple ingredients; sweet potatoes, sunflower oil and sea salt.

This is the first chip I tried. It is one of the kettle cooked. It had a light sweet taste from the sweet potato but not an overpowering flavor, it was lightly salted and has low sodium as well as 25% reduced fat. I am not a huge fan of kettle chips, nor do I love overly salty foods but I love sweet potatoes and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this one. They were super crispy which seems about right for a kettle chip so the texture was there. I just couldn't believe it only had 3 ingredients listed.

Multigrain Tortilla

The Ingredients list on the bag shows; Stone ground corn, high oleic sunflower oil and/or safflower oil and/or canola oil, brown rice flour, flax seeds, evaporated cane juice, oat fiber, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, soy flour, sea salt.

One of the cool things about the tortilla chips is they say they double as crackers and I would have to say this one would definitely be one I would consider to be more cracker like. The multigrain is crispy and is just all around amazing. I can really taste sesame seeds it's almost like a sesame cracker. It is lightly salted and is like a tortilla chip but better. You can still really taste the corn chip so all the flavors together are pretty amazing. Definitely my top favorite!

Sweet Potato Tortilla 
 Ingredients list shows; Stone ground corn, High oleic sunflower oil and/or safflower oil and/or canola oil, sweet potato, corn bran, evaporated cane juice, and sea salt.

Another tortilla chip I tried was the sweet potato flavor. Crunchy, slightly sweetened, it has a  strong sweet potato flavor with a light hint of salt. It was almost hard to believe it was a corn tortilla chip and not an actual slice of a sweet potato. There was still a  slight after taste of corn tortilla but the star of the show was definitely the sweet potato. I love to have a buttered, baked sweet potato and this was very reminiscent of that.

Lime Tortilla
Ingredients are listed on the bag as; stone ground corn, high oleic sunflower oil and/or safflower oil and/or canola oil, corn bran, lime juice, sea salt.

This one I was a little more nervous about. I am not a fan of lime. I have had lime chips before in the past and it didn't go well. This one however was actually pretty interesting. It had that great crunch that the other tortilla chips had and it still had that classic corn chip taste.Being only lightly salted, the lime flavor comes in stronger at the end but it was not bitter or sour like I expected it to be.

    All in all I would have to say these were a total hit in my book. I think I would love to eventually try some of the other great flavors available such as the chocolate tortilla, The WORKS tortilla, and the barbeque kettle chip. I have never come across anything as interesting as the Food Should Taste Good chips that were actually as healthy as these with as few ingredients as these.
   Check them out on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest or sign up for their newsletter, or if you are interested in learning more or check out their website to see what other flavors you think you would like to try!

FTC: I was provided samples for review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Friday, January 25, 2013

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Raining Money

It's Raining Money Event

Hosted by: Mom Powered Media
Prize: $1,000 Cash {paypal or visa}
Event dates: 4/1 - 5/1

Free Blogger Event: Sign Up HERE

Feature Friday- How I Met Dex

               I decided to do a little Main blog Feature Friday and share a little story about how my psychotic little furbaby came to be in my life. It's a wonderful tail (haha get it? Tail?). Dexter's birthday is fast approaching and will turn 3 on St. Patrick's Day! That's where he gets his middle name, though his breed is far from Irish on either side. If you aren't aware Dexter is a Pug-Tzu and it is hard to believe I wrote this post about him 2 years ago. Though he is not Technically a Puggle as a Puggle is a Beagle/pug mix I used to call him my Puggle-Wuggle Squishy Face. Yeah, he has all kinds of horrible baby talk pet names. I can't help it though. He is just so darn cute. I want to do a really great update post on his 3rd birthday because he has turned into a total nut over the years and it's hilarious. Anyway... Check it out! Here is How I Met Dexter!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ENJOY Moisture Plus Trio Review and Giveaway

   One of the worst parts about the winter is how my already dry skin and hair, becomes even drier.  On top of already having dry hair, I have dyed and processed hair. Finding a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is hard, finding a shampoo and conditioner that is also sulfate free is even more challenging. 
     When I read the directions on the back of the conditioner and the hair mask I kind of made a weird sound somewhere between a laugh and a snort. The instructions stated to apply the product, comb it through and wait 2-3 minutes and rinse. My biggest issue with my hair is it tangles like there is no tomorrow, but I did it. The comb went through my hair easily and my hair felt so smooth. I was genuinely surprised by the fact that it stated it had a natural detangler that actually worked for me. Most detanglers just cause my hair to look and feel greasy because I keep applying more product thinking it will never does. 
           I decided to really put the products through the ringer. I used them on freshly dyed red-based fuchsia semi-permanent hair dye. I was ecstatic at how well it worked. I actually have a few patches of over processed hair that have trouble holding dye and there was little colour loss on that hair.           
  On top of all that greatness packed into these bottles was the most amazing scent.  It smells sweet and fruity, almost like sour apple and grape juice. If there is one thing I love more than anything in the world it is fruity scented shampoos, conditioners, body washes, lotions, perfumes, etc. etc.
   I literally love everything about this set, I will have to say it is officially my Holy Grail of hair care because I have never had such great results before with a shampoo and conditioner set and the hair mask is just an amazing bonus that can be used in place of the conditioner or with it. I have always thought of shampoo and conditioner as utilitarian because I would never see the results that the bottles claimed. After one use of the ENJOY set my hair was clean, soft, detangled, shiny, felt healthy, looked healthy, and had little colour loss on the most damaged parts of my hair. When you have as much hair as I do, it's kind of important to be able to maintain it properly and I feel that may actually be possible now.
                               A Holy Grail hair product deserves 5 out of 5.

To purchase, visit their website and use their Salon Locator to find a location nearest you. 

FTC: I was provided the products shown for review. All opinions are my own. LittleYllwBird is not responsible for prize shipment.