Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Review

  If somehow you missed the memo I am in LOVE with subscription boxes. You get the opportunity to try new things for a great price. I love feeling adventurous and feeling like I may very well find a holy grail item in one of these boxes. A tiny treasure chest just waiting to be discovered. Maybe I was a pirate in another life?
    The name says it all on this one. Beauty Box 5 is just that, a beauty box with 5 sample items inside. A company that ships from Texas to the US and Canada, offers free shipping and allows you to take a beauty profile quiz to tailor the boxes to you.

  One of the first things I pulled out of the box was a beautiful lipstick from h.wood lips. The tube itself screams old hollywood to me and the colour is almost shocking. I actually love the way this colour goes on though because it is not an opaque barbie pink. Instead it goes on like a light gloss giving the lips a light flush of colour without being overpowering which is more my speed. It doesn't have the annoying tackiness that comes with a gloss and it is slightly moisturizing which makes it a little more wearable for a daytime errand run when you don't want to go heavy handed on the makeup.

   The second item I had the chance to fall in love with was kind of a two for one. The Blum Naturals Pro-Age Cleansing Towelette is a full sized face cleansing sheet. It doesn't state that it is intended for use of removing makeup and warns that stinging may occur if used near the eyes so be aware of that. I used it on bare skin and without cleansers it actually made my skin feel so much better. There is no alcohol so it isn't drying and has a light and pleasant scent.
  The next item is something I was only mildly thrilled about. I am not a complete klutz when it comes to putting on mascara but having a Lash Card it probably a good thing to have around if you are testing out a new mascara and you aren't sure how temperamental it will be. The Lash Card is essentially a curved card you can put under your lashes to prevent mascara from getting on your skin and messing up all your hard work. It's probably a good choice for mascara testers and people new to the mascara game. I will definitely keep them around.

  The Evie Evan eye cream moisturizer was a nice addition to the box. From what I could tell it had little to no scent, it absorbed nicely into the skin and made the skin around my eyes feel a lot better. It's not a very thick consistency so it blends quickly and doesn't leave a heavy slick feeling on the skin. 
Last but not least was a mineral blush from Everyday Minerals. The shade was Girl Friday. A very pretty light rosy mauve shade, has great pigmentation, can be built up quite a bit or sheered out for a lighter look. I have never found a great mineral ANYTHING that I have ever truly loved to use but this one may now be at the top of my list. The flash did not do the swatches of this one justice as it made it look a little more on the orange side and it most definitely does not. 

           All in all I think I'm in love! Beauty Box 5 typically runs $12 a month, or you can get a quarterly box subscription for $30, or a yearly subscription for $100 which essentially gets you 2 months free. For more information you can check out their website HERE, their Facebook or follow them on Twitter!

FTC: I was sent the products shown for consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. What a great box! And that lipstick color is pretty!

    1. Thanks. I used to be a lip gloss junkie until I realized the world of lipsticks, balms, stains and lip shines. I am not a fan of sticky glosses so I love that this gives the look of a gloss but the moisture of a balm and a light wash of colour. I am not hardcore enough to wear dark coloured lipsticks out in public yet lol