Thursday, January 31, 2013

Engage Green- Slim Fit Case Review

         I'm not much of a "purse person". I prefer messenger bags, cross body bags or back packs. Not because I carry a lot of stuff with me or anything, I just like the idea of having it attached to me in a way that will prevent my forgetful mind from losing it. I currently use a messenger bag I made myself, and there have been a few times I forgot I was wearing it and freaked out because I couldn't find it. The worst part about my current bag is I intended it to be a bag that I could easily carry my laptop in... a laptop that is over 17 inches. Needless to say I lose stuff in it often because I decided I wasn't feeling inner pockets since it wasn't meant to be a purse. It was definitely time for a change.
Dexter working hard on quality control
    That's where the Slim Fit Case from Engage Green comes in. I'm all about recycling when it comes to making things. (My current messenger bag was made from scrap fabric and a pair of old pants.) The Slim Fit Case is made from recycled plastic or PETE. (Polyethylene Terephthalate) If you ask me, that's pretty darn awesome.
     Approximately 18 used 16oz plastic bottles make 1 yard of fabric. 4,800 used 16oz plastic bottles saves 1 cubic yard of the landfill. According to EPA recycling 1 pound of plastic containers (PETE) save approximately 12,000 BTU's per yard.*

 Not only are they getting nasty plastic recycled into something useful, it looks pretty awesome too! The Slim fit case has one of my favorite things ever inside, POCKETS! The inside is padded really well with a silver metallic lining that is TSA approved and keeps your items safe from scanning and temperatures. One side has a large Velcro pocket good for an ipad, small laptop, folders or notebooks, and the other side has smaller pockets, one zipper and 3 small bungee pockets as well as another one hidden behind the whole panel.

    I literally love everything about this bag! I love that it's water proof, I love that the straps are convertible, or removable,I love the ADORABLE logo,I love that it's sturdy,  I love that it's slim but still has plenty of room to carry everything you need, but most of all I love that it's made of recycled materials! If you want to read more information on this particular bag or any other that they carry check out their website HERE.   

*Information taken from their website
FTC: I was provided the product shown for review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

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