Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flash Giveaway! 1/17/13


   If you can see this post then congratulations you found your way to the coolest place in town. Or at least in my mind anyway =) I was bored and felt like holding a tiny flash giveaway. The rules are simple, comment down below. Easy Peasy, Mac and Cheesy. 
   The winner will get any item or items from of their choice up to $5. (Trust me, you can get a lot for $5, they are currently having a sale on crackle polishes for $.99 each normally $5.50 )Since I am paying for the prize myself you will have to give me your shipping info and it will take 2-4 weeks for delivery. 
   You can comment anything you like. One comment per person please! 
If you don't win don't be discouraged because you can always check out their website and get 10% off with my coupon code JLL91. Once that code is used 7 times BornPrettyStore will hold a giveaway on my blog for you as well!

                       This message will self destruct at 10pm tonight!

FTC: This post is not sponsored by BornPrettyStore, the prize will be paid for by me. Please allow adequate shipping time as they are located in Singapore. If you are under 18 please make sure you have parents permission to give out your address please! 
2nd place!


  1. Always fun to come to this blog even if I never win....Love Diane's personality....she is a lot of fun :)

  2. Yaayyy for crackle nail polish!! You rock Diane :)

  3. Wish I was into crackle nail polish. 99 cents is a heck of deal for nail polish!

    1. I added a 2nd place prize for any item or items up to $3! CONGRATS!