Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mavea Water Pitcher Review

      Let's get real for a minute. Most of you are pretty much unaware of the fact that I am on a gnarly medication to help treat a neurological disorder that destroys the optic nerve. Because of this medication I run the risk of dehydrating pretty easily so I constantly have to drink fluids. Water is literally my best friend right now.
         I noticed that drinking the city water with a weak filter actually made my stomach hurt so I have to make sure that the filter on the tap is always going strong.  I have tried filtered reusable water bottles but they were a hassle. I have resorted to keeping 2 two 1 liter bottles in the fridge with water that I switch back and forth between every day. Sometimes that's not enough though. A water filter has a timeline on it and it can only last for so long before the quality of the filtered water goes down. So having a pitcher that filters water is great!
       The Mavea Elemaris XL pitcher is actually a pretty sophisticated water pitcher. I know what you are thinking.
"It holds water, how can it be sophisticated?" Well let me tell you. The Mavea Elemaris XL pitcher first off actually has a handle that is ergonomically designed. When you hold it, you can feel just how great the handle is. I have noticed some handles on pitchers or jugs cut into the top of my finger from the weight, this pitcher actually has an indentation to prevent that. The rubberized grip also makes it feel like you have a sturdy grip on it. This same rubberized grip is also located on the bottom of the pitcher in the form of 4 no slip feet.
        The next coolest part about this pitcher is actually the lid. The lid itself is a sturdy hard plastic with 2 really cool additions. One of these being a digital read out. This digital screen is actually a micro computer that measures 3 things; The volume of the water, the quality of the water (hardness) and when it's time to change the filter. The micro computer is removable as well as the rest of the parts are actually dishwasher safe so you never have to worry about not being able to clean the lid properly.
        The second coolest part about the lid is the pour-through hole. It comes with a  plastic stopper that works on a hinge/float system. When the lid is untouched, the stopper is closed to prevent anything from getting in, when you want to fill the pitcher just pour water over the pour-through lid and the stopper will open under the weight of the water. When the water in the pitcher fills up the stopper actually floats up and closes to prevent overfilling. How neat is that?
  The pitcher itself comes in several easy to assemble parts including a water filter. The water filter actually does the job of replacing 300 water plastic water bottles. That's a lot of water. Can you imagine just having 300 plastic water bottles in your fridge? That's 300 less in the landfills which is pretty spectacular. What's even more spectacular is on their website you can fill out a form to return a minimum of 6 filters at a time to recycle them and they pay the shipping cost. The pitcher is also BPA free and holds 9 glasses of water.
           The instructions to get started with the pitcher are just as easy as it is to use. Just pop out the micro computer, throw all the other pieces in the dish washer or hand wash them, submerge the filter and shake to get rid of the air bubbles, assemble the pitcher and fill it up twice. The instructions say to discard the first two rounds of filtered water in a plant or something because you are rinsing the filter to make sure it is working properly and you are good to go. It really is as simple as that. It's almost like having an intelligent friend who likes to make sure you stay healthy.
        The Mavea pitcher I have, the Elemaris XL, comes in a variety of cool colours like white, black purple, green, and red. I'm totally in love with my white one but I think I would love to add a black one or a green one to my collection. Check out their website for more information of their products, where to buy and to learn more. Also check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

FTC: I was provided the product shown to review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

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