Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Natural Full Acrylic False Nail Tips Review-BornPrettyStore

    I had the opportunity to do another review from one of my favorite sites BornPrettyStore .
     I decided to choose the 500 piece set of Natural Full Acrylic False Nail Tips.
    I own tips in natural and french white but I didn't own any full nail tips. I like these because they are a one step process. You glue them on. lol. I like the tips but you have to use a gel or acrylic to cover them and there is always filing and messes and with acrylic, horrible smells. I wanted to have an easy option when I wanted to change up my nails. 
         I purchased a set of false nails that you just glue on before, and they felt like a flimsy plastic and they were not comfortable at all. These are thicker and have a nice weight to them and with a good glue will probably stay on my nails a lot better than the store bought kind. 
         I also love that this is a set of 500. I'm sure you are thinking... Woah! Diane, seriously! What would I do with ALL those nails?! Well why not start with a girls night? 
      There are tons of sizes so you know you will always have the right size for anyone and I think if you are using these for personal use that is one great application. Another application can be how I used one and that is swatches or design practice. If you are a nail junkie you can take some of the nails and glue them to orangewood sticks and paint them and practice designs on them, or you can drill a small hole in them and put them on a key ring to hold your swatches if you have a lot of polishes.
              They also are a great length if you want to try different shapes on your nails. I kinda want to try to reshape them to see if I would like to try a stiletto nail. I personally believe this set is a steal at less than $6 with so many uses. You can't find a high quality full nail at any store with this many varying sizes and quantity. You really are getting your money's worth with this set. Especially if you love to do nails. 

 If you want to read the review on the nail polish painted on the nail check that review out HERE
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         If 10 people end up using my coupon code BornPrettyStore will sponsor a giveaway on my blog for my readers! So really, it's a win win for you! 

FTC: I was provided the items shown for review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

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