Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Puppy Cake Update Post!

       I had the opportunity to whip up a batch of pupcakes with the Puppy Cake boxed cake mix that came in the December BarkBox. The batter is a rice flour so it had a strange dry texture but when mixed together and baked they looked completely normal. 
         All I had to add was water, egg and oil just like any cake mix that comes from a box. 
           While baking my house was filling with the aroma of baking dog biscuits, which isn't an altogether pleasant smell but was worth it for my puppy.  
            The frosting mix had such a tiny amount it was hard to ration it to just enough to cover each cupcake. I decided the top of the pupcake needed a little something extra and added a tiny piece of the Bocce's Bakery bones (from the Barkbox as well) and a tiny piece of a Pupperoni stick. I think it just gave it that little extra something special. 
          Dexter gave his pupcake 2 paws up as he nearly clawed my leg off trying to get another (He's enthusiastic). Dexter also was kind enough to share them with his puppy neighbors and his girlfriend Dolly.                                     
Dexter and his girlfriend Dolly
             The biggest issue I held with the pupcakes is Dexter is kind of a princess when it comes to his treats. They have to be small because he refuses to chew. If he can't inhale it all in one fell swoop he carries it off into his bed and he cries and cries until I come find it and break it up smaller. So really the biggest issue is my dog is weird and not the pupcakes.
                I noticed after having them stored overnight the frosting turned pink because the layer was so thin on the pupcakes, but breaking apart one in Dexters food bowl the next day though the icing had hardened slightly and turned pink the actually cake was still pretty moist. All in all I definitely think I would return to PuppyCake brand again. Making Dexter's birthday cakes by hand is fun, but labor intensive. 

Everyone should try it out at least once!

FTC: I was sent PuppyCake brand cake mix in a BarkBox that I received for free through klout. I was not compensated or asked to write a review.

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