Sunday, February 10, 2013

Healthy Surprise Box Review and Giveaway

 If you are a snacker but find yourself with a need to change your diet, or ate least WHAT you snack on this may very well be the box for you. The Healthy Surprise box allows you to try a HUGE variety of different items that range from gluten free, to vegan, to organic. Having options is usually the one thing that makes you feel limited when you are trying to be healthy but Healthy Surprise is going to change that for you!

   This is one of those things you wish you had an infinite supply of, 
sweet and slightly tangy you can really taste the apple and the peach. 
With the consistency of apple sauce with no sugar added its a treat you
can enjoy and not feel guilty about giving to the kids.

   I love the airy texture of the crisp and I thought I would love the Asian pear flavor, but it tasted off to me.
My word can't be taken 100% on this though because I am on a medication
that alters the flavor of some things in a weird way and I haven't  discovered what all of those things are so far.
      Lovers of Dark chocolate unite! The signature dark chocolate flavor packed into literally the CUTEST candy bar I have
ever seen in my entire life! The bar itself is printed with stars and tiny elephants and a "bite" is taken out of the top. The bite is
there to represent the portion of the proceeds they donate to champions
who work fearlessly to fashion a better world.

    I am absolutely in love with these! They have a great crunch and texture and taste like a grown up graham cracker. They are lightly sweet and have a great cinnamon taste and they have the most adorable princess story about how they were "born" on the back! Beware though! If you aren't paying attention you can end up with half the bag gone.

   Cheesy pumpkin seeds is not something I had ever tried previously. I always used to eat toasted pumpkin seeds growing up but never raw ones. These have a strong almost nutty cheddar flavor and a great texture.


    Definitely the one thing I was the most nervous to try. It had a VERY spicy kick to it with the texture of a beef stick. This fish free organic Nori wrap donates part of it's proceeds to support cow protection.
  Being a huge Non-fan of coconut, I was hesitant to try this, but I was pleasantly surprised! I loved the slightly chewy texture and the coconut flavor was not overpowering in an unpleasant way like I thought it would be. It had a lightly sweet taste and really felt like a great on-the-go type of meal replacement as it was very filling.

       The Cherry Vanilla Dream Almonds really are a dream! They have a hard crunchy coating that is sweet and delicious. It's hard to believe these are good for you in any way and that these aren't classified as candy.

 I have tried coconut water before and was definitely not a fan. As I stated before I am a huge Non-fan of coconut.  Coconut water is natures sports drink and one of the best things for a natural boost with tons of electrolytes. It was sweet and had a faint taste of coconut but it was not overpowering at all. 

     This wasn't my first Flax rodeo. What I did NOT expect was what I got from this Flax Bar! With the texture of a chewy oatmeal bar, the light crunch of the nuts and seeds, and the sweetness of the raisins, I was pretty much smitten.
    This one was kind of a curve ball for me. I am usually a huge fan of Kale. I normally really love bitter vegetables but I believe that my palate has changed with how much I enjoy spicy things. The chipotle seasoning was a little more on the bold side than I liked so I tasted less of the kale and the cheese and more of the spice. I think if you aren't a huge fan of bitter vegetables but really love spice these may be right up your alley!

     Having received the Starter Box and seeing everything that was in it, I would be floored if I ever had a larger box! Spending $40 a month on a single box would definitely be more than enough for one person and not only are you spending less than you would if you were buying cakes and cookies and ice cream, but you are also going to be thanking yourself in the long run for choosing the healthier option! And if for any reason you are not satisfied Healthy Surprise has a money back guarantee!

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