Thursday, February 7, 2013

John Paul Pet- Pet Care 3-Pack Review and Giveaway

     It's no secret that Dexter is a terrible bath-taker. He cries, and tries to scratch his way out and it literally breaks my heart, but Dex is an EXTREMELY stinky dog. He definitely takes after his mother who had very oily, not so great skin. 
    This past fall and winter the cold air has done a number on his skin and made him have some incredibly bad dandruff and itchy spots. I have tried a few oatmeal shampoos on him but they either dry him out or they smell not so great. 
    Dexter's undercoat is amazingly soft when he is shaved down in the summer time but during the winter his longer fur is wiry and easily gets stuff matted in it so it's a chore to stay on top of his grooming. 
   So now there's a laundry list of things to keep in mind when it comes to bathing and grooming him: it has to be soothing on his itchy skin, it has to clean the oil, it has to get rid of the dandruff, make his fur soft and manageable and it has to make him less stinky. That is a mighty big task for one product to take on, so how about we try for two? Like an oatmeal shampoo that deep cleans, moisturizes, that deodorizes pets, while soothing the skin, paired with an Oatmeal conditioning spray that tames matted coats and restores manageability and shine.                                 

     John Paul Pet, the company started by half of the amazing team at Paul Mitchell (the first hair care brand to publicly oppose animal testing), has come out with a great line of products with salon quality to help your four legged children look their best. Ranging from dog and cat products, to horse products, puppy and kitten specials and grooming system prepacks like the one I have.

          The first item in the kit was the Eye and ear wipes. I opened them up and pulled one out to let Dex sniff it. Apparently it was Dexter sniff approved because he tried to nom it right out of my hand! If you look closely at the photo you can see a big gross eye-boogie in the middle photo, this is something I am used to seeing on a daily basis and he doesn't like when I try to clean his eyes. The last photo in the set is after I was able to clean his face off (before his bath).

Yes, if you are wondering, Dexter IS nom-ing on the wipe in the middle picture. He thought it smelled tasty.

    When it was time to hop in the bathtub Dex gave me the "get me out of here" face. The crying commenced shortly after, but the cute thing is no matter how hard you try, he will NEVER sit down.
     I allowed him to sniff the shampoo before I put it on him and the scent is actually quite pleasant. I think, had he not been in the bath tub, he may have actually liked it.


       I love how it lathered up nicely without much effort and his skin and fur FELT clean.
After he came out of the bathtub I toweled him off a little and let him do his after bath freak out. Instead of me trying to explain it, allow me to just show you what he does with a video.
   After his post bath freak out and his fur was a little more dry I spritzed his fur with the conditioning spray and brushed it through. After he was completely dry he felt like a brand new dog. His fur was soft and silky and completely knot-free. He smelled great, the dandruff was diminished and he was looking pretty handsome! 

   Now is your chance to win your own set of wipes. John Paul Pet has provided a full sized canister of the Full Body and Paw wipes for you to win! During the winter months something like this will come in handy, especially when your pets delicate paws have a higher chance of coming in contact with snow, ice or road salts which hurts their feet. 

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  1. I have a Basset Hound that needs to be expressed, and if I forget to do it, well let's just say that she sleeps with her rear end on me every night, you can imagine?

  2. Ha!!! I love it. My dogs do that after a bath too. I always kid they are trying to rub the clean off!

  3. Well, short version? When I was younger, I lived on a farm. Our dogs were a Rat Terrier, and a Border Collie, who herded, (or rather tried, he had a bum leg from an accident as a pup.) They liked to roll in the fields... *-_-

  4. Ralph is a pretty good smelling dog most of the time but when he's wet and muddyhe could sure use some help

  5. My beagle can let out gas that clears the room, then he gets up, looks behind him as if he's looking for who did that and runs out of the room offended.


  6. Oh this would be so great !!! My dog Mylo, understands, 'lets go wipe your bum' and heads to the shelf that holds a Kleenex box. But wouldn't it be cool to use the same hair product brand as your puppy. Way to go wonder you have billions.

  7. Ranger rolled around in his own mess!

  8. Pretty much wet dog smell all winter!

  9. One of the dogs decided to roll in the dirt as I was getting ready to taker to the Vet. The big, white fluffy one of course! I had to explain to the Vet why she was soaking wet (bath) and I needed a shower!

  10. I don't have a real amazing story... other than the age old... give your doggy a bath and the first thing he does is run outside and roll around in his own feces.

  11. I had no idea these products were available so thanks for sharing! BTW you dog is adorable!