Thursday, February 7, 2013

PawBox Review for My Puppy Valentine

    I received a Valentine's themed Pawbox for my little furbaby. When you have a furry little baby boy as cute as him, who needs anything else, right? Well, this month's PawBox is here to prove just how much you love him! 
   One of my personal favorite items in the box is this HUGE heart magnet that tells the world you love him! My brother however was not amused by me placing said magnet on the front door.

Look at him smacking it out of my hand like he owns the place. <3
 One thing can be said about Dex, is he is a huge fan of squeaky toys and PawBox got it right! Before I was even able to get it out of the box he was pawing at me to hand it over! I loved the pattern and the squeaker was Dexter approved for sure!
    The FeelGood Treats sample in the box really had Dexter's attention. Made with Chicken Liver, Oat flour and olive oil, these crunchy little treats were not only tasty to him, but good for him!
  The next item in the box Dexter loved more than I did. Natural Balance dog food. It was the perfect size for a dog his size, but not for Dexter. I had to cut the food up as it was more like a sausage link than a dog food. My biggest issue with it was that one of the pieces was too big for Dexter. (He doesn't like to chew lol) I literally had to chase him around the apartment for an hour listening to him cry with food in his mouth because he wanted the treat, but didn't want to put the treat down so I could break it apart smaller. (It's okay to laugh, I was too... lol) Eventually I caught him and was able to break apart the slimy slobber covered treat and he was a happy camper once again.

      The next item in the box was a K9 Protection Skin and Coat Support supplement. I thought these were a little on the large side to sneak past Dexter without him knowing but I will have to give these a shot one day. He could seriously use a little extra help in the skin department.

   The very last item in the box consisted of a huge booklet filled with information on the Natural Balance Dog food product line as well as a $1 off coupon on any of their products! This was definitely a great addition to the box because it allows you the ability to read up on the products beforehand so you can find the perfect one for your pet!

Having tested out the PawBox I would have to say I am definitely in LOVE! PawBox wanted to make sure You had the chance to be in love as well! How does 50% off grab you?! That's right! If you sign up for your very first PawBox and use the code YllwBirdFEB before March 15th, you will get your very own PawBox to try for 50% off! So $5 and you can show your furry Valentine how much you love them! 

PawBox is also on Facebook!

FTC: I received the products shown for review, and no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own. PawBox graciously provided the 50% off coupon code to show how much they care!! =D


  1. Awww Dex is so adorable! The Pawbox looks great. I bet Cleo would love one too!

    1. Dex knows he is too! The little yellow dog and the little yllw bird need to get together. <3

  2. This looks awesome! I will be getting one of these for our new puppy when we get him!