Thursday, March 28, 2013

CardioTech Digital Blood Pressure Monitor by Ozeri

      I am no stranger to having my blood pressure taken, mostly because we have always had a monitor, or a cuff of some kind in our household all the time. Somehow I managed to escape the high blood pressure monster, but it runs in the family. 
      Although I never truly understood what the numbers meant when I was younger, I was always just told "this is good" and "these numbers are bad". 
      Many trips to the doctors, and I always get a kick out of the look on their face when they try to figure out how my blood pressure is almost as close to perfect as it can possibly be, when so many people in my family have high blood pressure. 
      I recently found out I have a high pressure problem in my eyes, but it doesn't effect my blood pressure, but why should that mean I stop testing my blood pressure myself to make sure it's normal?
      Now, The first time I pulled the CardioTech out of the box I was surprised at how awesome it was. The little zip up storage case fits everything nicely, and if you look, everything is labeled pretty well. The instruction booklet gives you all the information you need on your machine, how to use it and the cuff itself actually has a diagram on it of how to place it on your arm. If for any reason you couldn't read you could still figure out how to use this as it is incredibly easy. It's hard to believe it only takes four AA batteries.
      After I assembled it, placed it on my arm, pushed the one touch power button and then the one touch start button it went to work. I have never been a fan of how tight these get on your arm, but it's necessary for a proper reading.
     When the machine is done it shows your systolic, diastolic, and your pulse. Now the absolute best part about this is it is colour coded! So if your numbers are high the screen is colour coded to show you the numbers are bad. If you are prehypertension, the screen around those numbers are an orange/yellow and if you are in hypertension they are red. Red is very bad! 
      Funny story, I snapped the photo above after the first time I tested it and didn't even notice until about 3 days later that my numbers were almost identical to the ones on the front of the box. 
        Another great thing about the CardioTech is you can program it to recognize different users and can memorize up to 80 readings with a time-stamp and date on every single one of them!
        The CardioTech could literally be a lifesaver in your own home and you don't even realize it. I can honestly say I will never live in a house without a blood pressure monitor, I'm glad to say I own this one.

FTC: I received the product shown for review purposes, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This look super easy to use! I have borderline high blood pressure and have to keep an eye on it.