Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FiveFingerTees Review


      Sometimes you just need to dress down and be comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans, but who says that t-shirt needs to be boring?
      FiveFingerTees has a huge selection of awesome screen printed t-shirts that you can customize however you want. 
       All of their shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton like the Hello Zombie T-shirt
        You also have the option to choose the colour of your shirt and whether you want a men's or woman's style fit.
        They have an amazing selection of shirts from zombie, to nerd, to movie, to music and everything in between. One of the things I love is if you see something, and you can't quite place it, they may have a little back story of the item on each page.
         My Hello Zombie shirt was printed on an anvil tee with the tear away tags just in case you are annoyed by that kind of thing. They don't bother me that much but the option is nice. The shirt itself is very comfortable and I love the vibrant colour of the teal. I was more than excited when I seen the shade of the shirt in person as I wasn't expecting it to be this awesome!  
          The screen printing on the front feels like a high quality print with slightly raised texture and I stretched it to add stress to the print and there were no cracks or fractures immediately in the design. I hope the design stays this nice after many washes and wears; time will tell.

  This is just a SMALL sampling of some of their more popular designs, all completely customizable. At $11.99 a shirt, that really is a steal! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop!

FTC: The product shown was sent for review, no other compensation was given for the review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I Love that Hello Zombie t! Awesome. Id also rock the Trex hates pushups t! haha... And OMG bruce campbells BOOMSTICK LOL!

    1. I know.. I wish I could have them all.. I was seriously hardcore eyeballing the "You have died of dysentery" tee before I settled on Hello Zombie. I have never seen such an awesome collection of screen prints. =)

  2. I want the Hershel's Zombie Storage! Awesome shirts!

    1. I love all the Walking Dead shirts they have!

  3. Ha!! I love it! They have the most awesome shits ever! I love the Walking Dead ones and the geek ones! I don't think I could pick just one!