Thursday, March 7, 2013 Pet License Review

    So, Dexter is turning 3 on the 17th and I was having a really hard time deciding what to get for him. I mean, he will be 21 in dog years, that's pretty big, right?  Well why not get him a driver's license?
   Okay, so it's not a VALID driver's license but it's pretty darn cute if you ask me! 
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     One of the greatest features about the driver's licenses from is they can be customized to look just like your own states actual license, but what's even better is they have a collar tag available so if your pet ever happens to get lost, all of your info is on their collar. 
   You can customize the I.D. by state and add your pet's info like sex, height, weight, hair and eye colour just like you would see on most licenses. Although, I think Dexter lied about his height to impress the ladies. 
   Not only does the I.D. look like a regular drivers license, it feels like one too as it's made with a nice heavy duty plastic. 
   Everything about the I.D.s are great because you know your pet will have the proper identification at all times but he will look cool doing it as well. I really love that the entire website is light-hearted and from the point of view of the pets. Reading the testimonials will really set you into a fit of giggles!
    I guess I can be considered the cool pet parent on the block by saying I got my dog a driver's license for his 3rd birthday, but does this mean I also have to buy him a car?

FTC: I received the products show for review purposes, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


My Pet DMV provides our pet friends with likenesses of state driver licenses for novelty and 
entertainment purposes only. These licenses are not official and are not sanctioned or approved 
by the states they mimic. My Pet DMV in no way authorizes any pet to operate a motor vehicle, 
watercraft, fixed or rotor wing aircraft or hot air balloon. Pets interested in getting an actual driver’s
 license should contact their state department of motor vehicles.


  1. How cute! If I got moxie one of these she'd surely be wanting to drive the car...she already thinks she runs the house! LOL...

    1. Next thing you know, she will be breaking curfew in the car going to see boys.

    2. Don't be giving her any ideas, she already stares longingly out the window at the dog across the street. He's a nice handsome doggie.

    3. I would never DREAM of doing that.. ;) lol

  2. Aww Dexter is going to be the coolest kid on the block with his own driving license! These really are the neatest pet tags I've ever seen.

    1. Maybe I can convert the clothes basket with a tiny motor for him to drive since I can't keep him out of it! lol