Thursday, March 7, 2013

Neater Feeder Review

   If you are a pet parent, this photo may be very familiar to you. I constantly find myself picking up dog food off the floor between Dexter's bowl and the wall. I am convinced he is pushing this food out of the bowl with his forehead, as he doesn't actually have a nose to do so with. It's tiresome, and the worst part is actually stepping on it because he doesn't eat over his bowl, but that's another story.
    I decided to take a stand against Dexter's messy food all over the floor and switched to the Neater Feeder.
    The Neater Feeder is a fantastic feeding system with a large rim around the back of the bowls to catch the food that gets pushed out of the bowl so it stays on the tray, and it also has a drain on the front for catching water as it spills. The water gathers under the top tray in the base where it can be easily removed.
    One of the benefits of the Neater Feeder isn't even just the lack of mess from the pet but also the base provides a platform for your dog to raise the bowls off the floor so they don't have to bend over to eat, which is bad for the animals.
    The Neater Feeder also has leg extensions so you can add height to the bowls to transition as your dog gets bigger or adjust to your pets height. Not only does the Neater Feeder come in various sizes but they also offer the option of buying another set of leg extensions separately in case you need more height but not a larger bowl capacity.
    The Feeder itself requires do actual assembly and all the pieces nestle inside the next while still feeling sturdy. Dexter is a madhouse and has not yet destroyed any of the pieces or knocked anything over, which is fantastic! 
     The removable legs also have a rubber stopper you can use so there is less movement for rowdy eaters on hard floors. I choose to keep Dexter's food bowl on carpet because of the location as well as not wanting to find his food bowl in a completely different room than the one I sat it down in to start.
    I really like the idea of the drain holes in the tray but unfortunately they don't work as well for Dexter because he has a long beard and he likes to take his face swimming in his water bowl. It catches some of it, but he usually immediately runs from the water bowl over to me to dry his beard off on my arm or something. I can't win.
   Another good feature of the Feeder is the food and water bowls. They are made in 2 different sizes so that you don't over feed your dog and you always have fresh water. I prefer the steel over the black plastic I was using before because it was harder to keep clean and also harder to tell in low light if he needed more water or if I was accidentally overfilling his bowl or not.

     All in all Dex loved the Neater Feeder. He took to it immediately and there hasn't been a single speck of food on the floor... that was pushed out of the bowl anyway, and it fits neatly in the spot I had previously designated for his food and water bowls. 
    He can reach both the food and water bowl no problem with the extender legs on without little bending at the shoulder and he is just as happy and spunky as ever! This is definitely the only food and water bowl I will ever need for him ever again because nothing else will ever compare to how epic this one is!
     While trying to capture a photo of Dexter after drinking water to show off his water beard, this picture totally happened. I don't really know what it is, or what he was doing but it's funny. If he could look back and be embarrassed of his childhood photos, this one would take the cake.

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FTC: I received the product shown for review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


  1. Dexter is so adorable! I could really use something like this for my big sloppy dogs!

    1. You are very correct, he is. lol... I'm so glad to not have dog food all over my floor.

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