Wednesday, April 10, 2013 Review

     Sometimes you need a sassy shirt that is so awesome pants need not apply. BetterThanPants is an awesome website where you can search through their shirt designs and choose the colour you want. 
     It's really awesome when you can customize your shirts to fit your style. Not everyone wants a standard black shirt, or a simple white shirt, so having the option to choose is perfect.
      Here's a little story to tickle your funny bone. I'm not tall, by any means. My brother calls me Gator-Arms, so I sympathize with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex shirt is a great way to accept my inability to reach things on the high shelves and to also share a smile with someone who may end up seeing it.
           The Classically Trained shirt is the perfect addition to any nerds wardrobe or even a child born in the 80's or early 90's. I was a huge Nintendo fan back in the day; though I may have graduated to newer games, I was still classically trained on that ever familiar rectangle controller. 
             Though this particular style had less choices colour-wise, I don't feel it was lacking at all because I absolutely loved this shade of blue.
             BetterThanPants has a great selection from 80's, 90's, Zombie, Nerd, Funny, Tv and movies and even some hilariously inappropriate shirts. It really is difficult trying to choose but with prices ranging from $9.99 and up it's not so bad if you end up choosing more than one.
     Printed on Gildan Ultra Cotton shirts, they are super comfy and don't feel like they would disintegrate in the wash. The print itself is really nice silk screen print. The T-Rex, being a solid single colour, appears to be more solid than the Classically Trained shirt. Though cracks only really show on the Classically Trained shirt when you add a LOT of stress to the image. I wore it to bed and didn't have an issue with the print splitting or rubbing off, but I don't know just yet how they hold up in the wash.
             All in all these are fantastic shirts, the quality is awesome and I am thrilled with my choices. It's going to be difficult for me to restrain myself from buying all the shirts I wanted.
           If you like what you see here check out what else they have on their website! Or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with news and more information!  

FTC: The products shown were provided for review purposes, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


  1. Nice picks! They both gave me a giggle. I love the awesome selection of shirts they have!

    1. I want to live in them, they are THAT awesome.. but that would be weird...I really fought myself over the Flux Capacitor shirt but I couldn't pull the trigger on that one.

  2. I absolutely adore the Trex tee!!

  3. I love both shirts! Makes me miss my old school nintendo!