Friday, April 26, 2013

Feature Friday-What Makes You Smile?

      On a day like today where nothing seems to be going right and I would like to scream I decided that it would be appropriate to center myself before my brain explodes. Sometimes you have bad days and you deal with them. 
   As I feel the frustration rising I hear good old ShayCarl's voice bopping in my head telling me to Choose Happiness. I think I am going to do that now, and share with you a post I wrote over 2 years ago about smiling. If you choose happiness and find a reason to smile, or do something that makes you smile you are guaranteed to have a better day!
        So, Carpe Diem! And check out my Featured Friday Post! What Makes You Smile?


  1. Once you smile the day really starts to get better. :)

    1. Once I decided to stop freaking out my day improved 80% and then I got some *fingers crossed* good news from my friend. So smiling HELPS!