Thursday, April 4, 2013

OraPup Review

      The makers of the OraBrush has come out with a fantastic way to keep my dogs breath smelling a little less like, well, dog breath! If you don't know what the OraBrush is then you need to check it out! It is an amazing tongue cleaner that actually helps clean up the bacteria on the tongue that causes bad breath.
      The OraPup is the brand new version invented for dogs! The shape of the handle, combined with the Lickies flavor pack, works with dogs natural tendencies to lick. It's covered in soft bristles and ridges help to deep clean the tongue.

         What I love about the OraPup is there is absolutely no fighting Dexter to let me brush his teeth, or to get him to use it. He is in a constant state of the nastiest breath ever and this actually works to make his breath smell better!
          Dexter loved the Lickies and wanted it the instant I opened the bottle which means I knew he was in for the long haul when I put it on the OraPup brush. At the point I was getting ready to put it away he jumped up and dug his claws in and tried to muscle it away from me so he could continue to lick it. I'm so glad I got a picture of that, because it was hilarious.
If you look closely you will notice the ridges in
the brush as well as the beady eyes of a dog
that is angry because I took it away.
      I love that the brushes not only have the bristles but also tongue scraper ridges placed through-out the OraPup brush to really get a better clean on their tongue. 
       The best part about the OraPup though is when you buy one they send you 2 OraBrushes for yourself!
        I have honestly never experienced something that cleaned up Dexter's bad breath so easily that was also safe to use on a daily basis. Even after using the Lickies his breath didn't really smell like gravy or anything at all. It is beyond surprising how awesome this has turned out to be!  
            If you want to learn more check out the OraPup website, The OraBrush Website or follow them on Facebook, or Youtube!

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  1. This looks awesome! My dogs could sure use some help in this area! I love Dexter! He really wants the brush!!!

    1. I was beyond surprised at how well it worked. Dexter's breath usually stays in a constant state of swamp breath because that dog eats EVERYTHING. lol

  2. my dog moxie could use this she ate a moth last night! gross!

    1. blech... that's gross. I am just glad Dexter doesn't take after his mother and his brother and eat poop. lol