Monday, April 29, 2013

Ozeri WeightMASTER Microban® Digital Bathroom Scale Review

    Weight management is hard. When you are trying to live a healthier life, and manage your weight, sometimes anything that makes that process easier is a huge help. Finding a reliable scale that not only makes it easy to weigh yourself, but also has an easy readout, and prevents the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria should be a staple in everyone's home who is looking for an easy solution to weight management.
     You may not have ever considered how dirty a scale can be when it sits on a bathroom floor 24/7, but the WeightMASTER actually has Microban® technology infused at the point of manufacturing. Microban® antimicrobial protection works for the lifetime of the product to stop the growth of, and helps keep the surface free of bacteria.
        On an unprotected bathroom scale surface, bacteria can double in number 
every twenty minutes with frequent skin contact and exposure to moisture, which is often the case with typical bath scale usage. And only when they've multiplied to hundreds of thousands, can the bacteria be seen by the naked eye.*
       Some of the other great features of this scale is the step-on technology. How many times have you struggled with tapping a scale, waiting for it to turn on, then stepping on it to get an error? This can't just have happened to me, right? This scale is guaranteed to turn on and start to measure your weight as soon as you step on.
      The huge blue-lit  LCD screen is fantastic for me because the numbers are large and easy to see so I'm not struggling with my terrible eyesight to figure out what it says.
      The feet on the bottom of the scale have a really great no slip rubber to prevent it from moving around and has ABS slip-resistant material on the outside with 6mm impact-resistant tempered glass on the inside to make this one fantastic scale all around. The scale itself will weigh in pounds, kilograms and stones with the press of a tiny little button on the scale. Most scales don't go up to 300lbs but this one actually maxes out at about 330lbs/150kg/24st, but it also rounds to the nearest 100 grams.
          Although you obviously need to place it on a hard, flat surface I sat the Dex-Man on it on carpet since he was so interested; it appeared to be about 1lb off with an unstable surface (either that or Dexter is becoming a chunky monkey). He took one look at it and refused to get back on it again after that, I guess he was self conscious about his weight (it's okay to giggle at the absurdity of that because we have all been there; just not in dog-form).
          It really is a fantastic scale. I can honestly say with the slim, black, no nonsense design and the large readout with the blue back lit LCD, it's a great way to add a little style and function to your everyday routine.

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FTC: I received the products shown for review purposes, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


  1. This looks like a great scale. I love that is won't get as germy!

    Dexter is so awesome. I don't blame him being peeved about you adding a little to his weight, I would be too!

    1. He knows he is cute no matter how roll-y poll-y he gets =)

  2. I have this scale and it works too good. It really tells me my correct weight which I wish it did not. Why can it not tell me I am 20 pounds lighter! But I really like this scale because it is so accurate.

    1. lol, I think everyone wishes scales would lie! I am about to do a follow up review of the Microban Kitchen Scale next!

  3. This scale looks awesome. I love Dex getting in on it as well!

  4. aw man im sad i missed this giveaway!