Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ProBar Meal Review and Giveaway

      Sometimes you are on the go and can't eat a healthy meal, and you opt to choose the breakfast cereal bar over real food. Maybe you are working through lunch and don't have time to get something so you decide to just skip it for now and have a big dinner later.   All these scenarios spell disaster for your health because you are missing out on the nutrition your body needs. Instead of reaching for that sugar laden cereal bar or a single piece of toast as you head out the door why not try something like a meal replacement bar?
    The Meal bar by ProBar is an excellent option because it is jam packed with with 3 ounces of fruits, nuts and seeds, and is rich in raw ingredients with the right nutrient-dense calories for lasting energy and nourishment. Everything they make is 100% vegan, certified organic, certified non-GMO, and mostly raw (or as they refer to it: Simply Real).
     I had the opportunity to try out the Meal bar in the Variety 12 pack. What is especially great about having a meal replacement bar for me is I am on a medication for my eyes that suppresses my appetite but must be taken with food, so having to force myself to eat when I don't want to is hard enough without it being something unhealthy that I reach for.
     The Meal bar comes in 12 flavors and you can purchase them in a variety of different combinations such as the Chocolate lovers, the Peanut butter lovers, or the Best Sellers. The Variety 12 pack comes with one of each of 12 flavors in it so you have the chance to try them all and see what you favorite is!
      The very first one I pulled out of the box was the Double Chocolate and it is easily one of my top favorites of the ones I have tried so far. Of all the 12 flavors, this one is one of the top two that have the highest sodium content (second only to the Peanut Butter flavor), but none of the bars have more than 390 calories per serving.
     You can hop on over to their website to view the entire ingredients list and nutrition facts for each bar as well which really comes in handy if you are worried about allergies or whether they will fit well into your daily diet.
     What I love about them is not only are they jam packed with stuff that is good for me, they have a great chewy consistency. They may only be 3 ounces but I felt full after having one, and of the ones I have tasted so far I have loved the flavors!
     If you like what you see then you can enter below through the rafflecopter to win! If you don't win, or don't want to wait they are running a special promotion. Just go to their website and use the code BLOGGER to receive 40% off your first order!

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FTC: I received the products shown for review purposes, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


  1. Mmmm peanut butter chocolate chip sounds awesome!

  2. I like the PROBAR Mea lPeanut Butter Lovers Bars the most!

  3. I would like the double chocolate bar.

  4. I agree peanut butter chocolate chip sounds yum!

  5. i think i would like the Mint Chocolate

  6. i would love to try the superfruit slam :)

  7. I like the variaty pack the most.

  8. I would really like chocolate coconut.

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