Saturday, June 15, 2013

#Challenge To Write- Age is Just a Number


   When it comes to blogging, sometimes the longer you have done it the better you have a grasp on it. The older the blog, the more readers and fan base you have. The more established you are, the more people look to you as a source for information or entertainment.
    Some people write because they like to write, some people write because they like to have other people read their work. I like to write because I like to write but I also love to engage people in conversation. I would like to be a trusted source for information and entertainment and I do it the best way I know how.
      My current blog; the one you are reading this very post on has only been around for eight months at the time I'm writing this. I have no plans to stop any time soon and I hope that what I am doing is bringing some kind of enjoyment to others. This is not my first rodeo though. If you look up to the menu bar you will see a tab that says Main Blog. These are posts I write, typically on Fridays when I feature a post from my other blog. That other blog is nearing it's third birthday soon and though I haven't wrote anything on it in a while, it still holds a place in my heart. I have more essay style posts that lean towards a more personal posts about family, life, me and a few on technology and a few other random fun topics.
     So does it matter how long you are blogging for if you are doing it because you love to write? Or should you only be taken seriously if you have been blogging for a certain amount of time?


  1. Gosh, I really don't think I have anything of importance to share! Maybe I need some inspiration. Where do you get your ideas from? How did you get started? What about funding? (Enough conversation? I am serious though!) thanks!

    1. I never used to think what I had to say was important. Growing up in such a huge family it was tough to feel like my voice was being heard.
      I've always felt like I was creative, but only just enough to get by but not enough to really wow someone. lol.
      I pull inspiration sometimes from just relaxing and enjoying being outside. What sounds do I hear, what smells are around me, what do I see, what does it feel like. Take in all the information and process it separately and then as a whole. Make up stories in your head about a day at the beach. It's basically a form of meditation but if you are able to put it into words and onto paper it becomes a different kind of monster. (The good fuzzy kind!)
      To get started you just have to make that leap. Just decide one day you are going to do it and go for it! If you have the passion you will make it work. If you don't know what to write about look for daily writing challenges, much like this one, where the topics are provided and you just create your own story from there.
      Funding is a different story though. My main blog is connected to Google adsense. I literally make pennies a week. I would make more if I put more effort into it. There are companies that will pay you to write for them too. I wouldn't mind being paid for doing what I love but I am also afraid if I am required to do it that writer's block will set in or I won't want to write anymore. YIKES!
      I hope this was insightful and helped a little. If there is more you would like to know, feel free to ask! I hope I answered everything completely for you!