Monday, June 3, 2013

#Challenge To Write-Favorite Author

   Anyone who knows me knows this should come as no surprise. Whenever anyone would ask who my favorite author is they always get the same response. Stephen King.
   I've always had a fascination with his movies and I wasn't allowed to read any of his books until my mom thought I was ready. Naturally after enough pestering I managed to get a hold of Needful Things. This has and always will be my very favorite novel from him, ever, and it is safe to say I have read just about every single one of them.
    I was always reading books that seemed much too old for someone my age and was reading above my grade level in my accelerated reading program in school. It was only natural I picked up his novels at around the age of 12.
    Once I started I never stopped. I would be reading a new novel every single week, sometimes two different ones a week. I was averaging about a hundred pages a day or more. I don't think anyone could paint a picture quite like he could.
     When I hit high school I drew the attention of two teachers who were also Stephen King fans and they would often suggest the next one I would read or lend me one of their favorite novels when the library didn't have one. I burned through all the Bachman books and all the novellas,books on tape, and all the 600 pagers like they were nothing.
      I have yet to come across many other authors whose work I love as much; there are a few. I can honestly say I don't scare very easily, but there was only one novel of his that ever scared me. Like, hair on the back of your neck standing on end scared. Gerald's Game. Though I couldn't explain why; you should just read it.
      And most of all Dear readers, the reason I love reading his novels the most is the way he addresses his audience.


  1. Aww we have the same favorite! And I must agree Gerald's Game gave me the creeps-just wow!

    1. It's so funny too because it is one of the ones you would think would scare you the least. =)

  2. Stephen King is an AMAZING author! My favorite is Salem's Lot! I also love his movies! My favorite movie is "Rose Red".

    1. LOVE Rose Red! The first time I ever read Carrie, I did it in one sitting. I think if I had to choose a favorite movie I would be hard pressed to pick just one, but I do love what Mick Garris did with Riding the Bullet even though it wasn't much like the short story. I love pretty much all the movies SK did a cameo in too. Those were always my favorite parts. lol