Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#Challenge to Write-Grilling


            I have never been much for grilling. In fact I am known on occasion to burn myself; quite often. This is not something I am capable of controlling, it is just a fact of me being a klutz around fire. I have however manned a grill a time or two in my day. Mostly for the usual hamburgers, hot dogs and steak. I don't really have a recipe per se to share but I will share with you a few things I have tried that have come out satisfactory, or things I would like to try that sound good.
           I used to make a pretty killer bbq chicken on the grill. Season it up with salt, pepper and marinate it in bbq sauce. I have also tried this with ranch and it worked out well. If slathering sauces on to chicken isn't your thing you can always wrap it in foil with some cut up veggies and steam it on the grill.
Speaking of veggies on the grill, grilled corn has always been one of my favorites. You can peel open the cob, season it leaving the husk on and pop it back on to the grill or remove them entirely for a a blackened flavor.
           You also can't go wrong with vegetable kebabs with peppers, onions and squash or eggplant, then tossed with some rice for a different kind of dinner.
            My all time favorite idea has always been grilled pizza. You can really top it any way you like as long as it isn't on super hot, direct heat so it doesn't burn. You can get a nice crisp crust and have really great flavor you can't achieve in a regular oven. Also imagine how impressed all your friends would be that you grilled pizza?!

            Maybe one day I will get to try grilled pizza, but until then I will leave the grilling to someone who is a little better at it than I am.


  1. Mmm this makes me hungry! I love grilled veggies, especially squash.

    1. We have a community grill here. (The one pictured up top) So, it's possible to grill but there's no lid so you can't close it to slow cook anything, or shield from bugs lol.