Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#Challenge to Write-Summer Playlist

   I tend to have a general distaste for popular music as of late. With some songs consisting of the same 4-5 words repeated incessantly as the chorus; it makes me literally grind my teeth.
   I have always been a huge fan of older music: Beatles, Pink Floyd, a large amount of songs from the 60's and early 70's, and just about anything with killer guitar riffs and great lyrics. I am also a big fan of a wide range of genres from folk to metal; I think I have most of my bases covered.
   One of my favorite things to listen to though is just about anything I can sing along to. I have been pretty much obsessed with the sound track from the first season of Smash, which I am very sad to see go, but also have been listening to a lot of We the Kings lately.
   Instead of me trying to explain my playlist, I am going to create one! We have all played that game where you put your playlist of songs on shuffle and picked a random list of songs, well I am going to do that now!
   I am going to list the first 10 songs my playlist pulls up randomly and that will be my playlist. I challenge you all to do the same in the comments! Let's see if we can introduce each other to some new music this summer!

   I am actually surprised there didn't end up being more Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes on that list because of the sheer volume of songs on my playlist, but all in all it's a fantastic list. Although it is all mostly older songs, as the newer ones didn't come up as much in the first ten, it's still a pretty awesome playlist. What are your top ten?


  1. we have good taste in music my friend..brand new is my all time fave..& i love city & colour & i see u like we the kings...what about mayday parade? =)

    1. You betcha! I actually found We The Kings through my extremely bad youtube obsession lol. Their bassist is a daily vlogger and was friends with them for years so I found them that way lol. My shuffle didn't even hit nearly enough random stuff because I literally have HUNDREDS of songs in my list by Bright Eyes and all of Conors side bands because he is literally my favorite singer. I had 15,000 songs in my playlist before my hard drive crashed and I haven't had the chance to import my cds back onto my computer.