Thursday, June 6, 2013

#Challenge to Write- This Might Blow Your Flipping Hello Kitty Mind

Ve·hi·cle /ˈvēəkəl/:Noun-A thing used for transporting people or goods, esp. on land, such as a car, truck, or cart.
      It may not come as a surprise to some, it may to others. I don't drive. I have had a lot of issues lately with my eyes and switching medications and things to get my PTC under control. (If you don't know, I have Psuedotumor Cerebri. Essentially my brain is reacting as if I have a tumor due to swelling behind my eyes.. causes double vision, crippling headaches, could cause blindness... blah blah blah. You can Google it if it REALLY interests you, otherwise; another day!)
     My vision has been my downfall when it comes to me getting a license. I have only ever owned and drove one car, and I didn't have it very long as I was never licensed to drive it. (permit and driveway, nothing illegal mind you.) That was a Ford Explorer and I loved that vehicle, but I am going to switch this up on you hardcore right now. If I could go crazy and have whatever vehicle on the planet that I wanted, money is no option, this is what I would do.

     Yes, that is what it looks like. I want a Hello Kitty Vespa Scooter! I like the body of the one on the far left but instead of white and pink I want pink and teal like the colour of the one in the middle. I would want the white parts to be the pink though so the majority of the bike is teal. I would love to have a cream coloured seat with a Hello Kitty embroidered on it. The tail lights would be shaped liked her head. I don't want random photos of her all over it though just in certain spots to be determined, and of course what good would it be without a Hello Kitty helmet to top it all off? 
     I may have just lost my mind. 


  1. Replies
    1. We should go in together to fund the project and we can take turns riding it when we are done! lol

  2. I am sorry to read about your eyes. Thanks for sharing! I thank you for your wonderful blog and get articles that you post. I really appreciate it. I love this Hello Kitty Vespa Scooter! How cute to ride around on this summer! Vespa makes great scooters!

    1. It means a lot when someone takes the time to thank me for all the work I put in. I truly love writing so it is a labor of love and it's nice to know it's appreciated!
      And a Hello Kitty Vespa would be the world's greatest thing ever and I would be crazy enough to ride around in the snow in it because it was so cute lol

  3. This is totally cute and I could definitely see you driving one of these!