Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tonight's The Night-The Dexter Tag


   I was browsing my Youtube subscriptions and seen one of my favorite beauty gurus had created a Dexter Tag. Well since I don't make videos I decided to write a blog post because I am super excited about the premiere of the very last season of Dexter.
   Be aware if you haven't watched Dexter and plan on it, THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! This is not the first time I have written posts about Dexter, I have 3 currently up on my other blog comparing the plot lines of the first three books to the first three seasons.

1. favorite and least favorite season?
            I would have to say my favorite season would probably be Season two. I loved following the Bay Harbor Butcher case as it was really the first time they really made you believe how easily Dexter could have been caught. Least favorite would probably be Season three as I wasn't a fan of the Miguel Prado story line but it was good to see that side of Dexter that craved a friend.

2. favorite and least favorite "big bad"?
        My favorite one I would probably say I am leaning toward a tie between the Trinity Killer; I liked that he tried to learn from him in the beginning only to see how bad of a monster he was...and Rudy Cooper/Brian Moser; because it was great to see the dynamic between him and his brother.
        Least favorite I am going to have to choose Lila West from season 2, every bit of that was all sorts of crazy and Jordan Chase from Season 5, but I enjoyed seeing him take down someone with so much power while coming so close to being caught, only to be let go by his sister.

3. favorite and least favorite Miami metro employee?
          I liked Camilla Figg and was sad to see her go, but it opened up a little more of the background secrets. I also kind of like Angel Batista. Least favorite is Joseph Quinn, and I'm not mad that James Doakes is gone.

4. favorite crime scene?
         Not surprising at all, I have 2.The first not being an actual scene of a crime but the hotel full of blood courtesy of Brian Moser from season 1, and the second being Rita's Bathtub scene. They both go hand in hand in making him relive how he was "born in blood" and then how his son was then forced into a similar situation.

5. Who do you ship Dexter with?
          I really loved what he had with Rita and it was sad to see her taken out the way she was but I liked the openness he had with Lumen Pierce and Hannah McKay about his Dark Passenger.

6. favorite kill?

        Definitely has to be Brian Moser. Probably one of the most powerful emotion-wise with him killing his brother. A close second being Rankin from season 5 where he beat him with a small anchor out of anger at the death of his wife.

7. saddest character death?

         I don't think it gets any more sad than the death of Rita. Camilla Figg was a close second for me though as it was the first time he performed a mercy kill before admitting to her that he had murdered his brother.

8. who do you ship deb with?
        Her relationship with Frank Lundy, though it seemed an odd pairing, was too perfect in the end.

9. most frustrating plot line?
        Louis Greene... What a disappointment. They built it up SO MUCH and then killed him off without really explaining how much he really knew.

10. most shocking plot line?
         Most shocking was probably the revelation of Brian Moser/The Ice Truck Killer being Dexter's brother. Second most shocking possibly that Travis Marshall was nuts and not as innocent as he first appeared.

11. favorite quote?
     At the end of season 4 Dexter's voice over. "I was born of primordial ooze; I crawled out of my own mother’s blood. I hid among the humans, hoping not to be seen, but somewhere along the way I grew legs, stood upright"
12. favorite episode?

         Probably season 1 Episode 10-Seeing Red because the blood filled hotel room was pretty epic, and Season 4 episode 12-The Getaway because it was the end of Trinity and the end of Rita and everything about it was heart pounding and sad.

13. how do you want it to end?

       It's obvious it can't end with him getting away with it. Michael C. Hall said in an interview he wanted to do his best to make sure Dexter wasn't as well liked. However they choose to end it, I hope it is killer!

         The countdown has begun, tonight is the night.


  1. I love Dexter! I was so sad when Netflix stopped streaming it because now I am so far behind!

  2. I just found this series on Netflix and only watched a few minutes of it before my oldest woke up for school.. definitely intriguing to say the least!! He had me hooked when he said he 'faked' feelings and that if he could love anybody it would be his foster sister.. can't wait to see more and find out what comes next!!

    1. it's 1000% worth a view. I've watched and rewatched and rewatched every season. Dexter and Breaking Bad will be my favorites shows forever. lol