Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mally Beauty Makeup Review

    If you have been living under a beauty rock then you may not know much about Mally.
    Mally Beauty, founded by the owner Mally Roncal, was started because of her love affair with makeup. This is something that I can say I connect with as well. I have always loved makeup, even if I wasn't so great at understanding the concept of applying it perfectly when I was younger.YIKES!
    After attending Cosmetology classes and reading tons of magazines; I started reproducing looks found in magazines with crazy eyeliner and fun colours.
     As I got older I learned what worked well and what didn't and I wanted to try all the products I could get my hands on! I started getting even more creative and creating crazy looks just for fun. I literally spent 2 hours applying a sugar skull makeup only to take a photo and take it back off. Makeup is about art and expression just as much as it is about making you feel good.
     The products I was able to try from Mally really fit the bill of making me feel good!
      The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is one of those products that really help you out where you need it most. Sometimes you can't help having pores you need a little help minimizing, but not only that it works to minimize fine lines, and gives your makeup staying power needed to last all day and night.
        When you apply this over your makeup in lieu of powder it will set your makeup without making your skin look cake-y, dry, or ashy. This is amazing for me because if you just touch this product it feels silky smooth to the touch and with skin as dry as mine, applying any kind of powder over my foundation spells disaster for my makeup application!
        There really is no such thing as "translucent powder", but with this you will have a matte, flawless finish without that horrible cake-y look to your face. I absolutely love this stuff!
       The next product I tried was the Evercolor Shadow Stick in gunmetal. Not only is this product going to glide on smoothly, it's going to stay where you put it!
    It is very rare to find cream shadows that do not crease, and I have trouble finding powder shadows that don't sometimes. You can apply the shadow stick easily all over the lid and blend out and wear as is, or pair with another colour shadow stick or even use this as a base! I love the gunmetal as a simple all over colour but you can really punch it up by adding more or wearing it sheer. After swatching it on my hand, it took a fair amount of scrubbing to get it to come off completely. The very best part? There is no sharpening needed and there is actually quite a bit of product in the tube!
(l to r) Top-no mascara, one coat. Bottom- two coats
   Last but most certainly not least was the Ginormous Mascara. Some girls who love their mascara, REALLY love their mascara, and some don't. I really love my mascaras, but my eyes don't agree with me when I put them on. My upper lashes are alright, nothing to sneeze at. My lower lashes are a lot longer than they should be though I believe because I can't put mascara on the lower lashes without it getting everywhere.
    When I look for a mascara, I am looking for something that will enhance the lashes I have. Isn't that what all girls want? The applicator on the Ginormous Mascara has a cut-out reservoir on each side that your lashes will be exposed to. Each lash will get an extra boost to achieve the fullest coverage and most volume possible.
     After applying one coat I noticed that the formula leans more toward the wet side but it applied easily and added some nice volume to my lashes. After letting the first coat dry I applied a second and noticed a little more volume and length. If you aren't careful though you can easily clump and get spider lashes. You always want to be super careful when layering and comb through them.You can really see the difference in the photo from no mascara to two coats! This is definitely going to be one of my new favorite mascaras!
    If you loved everything you seen here be sure to check out the MallyBeauty website, you can also find Mally on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube and UStream. You can also learn more by checking out her about section and be sure to check out her demo videos for products on her website. You won't be sorry!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

TrendSetFashions Cocktail Ring Giveaway!


    Who doesn't like the opportunity to add to their jewelry collection? TrendSetFashions is allowing my readers the opportunity for one lucky person to win this beautiful cocktail ring!
    This 2.7ct White Gold Rhodium bonded cocktail ring with prong-set black and white CZ in silvertone is the perfect addition to any outfit that needs a beautiful statement piece ring!
    *White Gold Rhodium Bond is achieved using an electroplating process that coats the item with heavy layers of rhodium a close cousin of platinum that costs three times as much which gives the jewelry a platinum luster.
       Not only is this a large and beautiful statement ring, but the black and white settings really go with anything so you can choose to dress it up for a night out, or you can dress it down and wear it for fun! The options really are endless! And the best part is, it would also make a fantastic gift for just about anyone in your life!
      If you think this sounds like it would be right up your alley, then enter through the Rafflecopter below! Don't forget to check out their website as well to see all the other amazing pieces they carry as well as their Mystery Earring Box if rings aren't your thing. They have amazing deals on some incredibly beautiful pieces that you won't want to miss!

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Easy Canvas Prints Review and giveaway

    What do you do when you love a photo so much you want to see it every day? You put it on your wall, of course! Sometimes a simple 8x10 glossy in a frame just won't do. I have gone completely crazy over this photo of Dexter chilling out on my brothers motorcycle like he was born to be wild. It is probably one of my favorite photos of him I have ever taken, and I have taken a lot of photos of him!
       I have edited the photo many ways, from removing my reflection, to remove the leash hanging down, but one thing has always stayed the same and that is that it is a hilariously awesome picture.
       After having an 8x10 printed from my digital copy, and even having a puzzle made of the picture, I realized it was time to go big or go home. I wasn't happy with the smaller photos and I wanted something that would last better and look nicer on the wall.
     This is where Easy Canvas Prints comes in! They can literally take any photo you want and turn it into a gorgeous canvas print to hang on your wall. I was incredibly surprised at the quality. I was not expecting it to be so heavy duty! The frame was a nice, solid wood and the canvas is thick and attached really well.
     I had it printed in a 16x20 wrap around print and I was shocked to see how well the photo came out! When placing my order I was informed that the photo was low resolution. This being because the photo was taken with a 5 megapixels camera intended for underwater video. (This is standard megapixels on most cell phones nowadays.)
     Because the photo was low resolution I did not believe it would come out as nice and I received an email prompting me to check my photo, and switch it out or proceed as is. The email even provided me with a link to a blown up version so you could see what the photo would look like printed on the canvas. This was not something I was expecting as I have never seen this before but I absolutely loved it!
    I can honestly say this is my first canvas print but I won't want it to be my last! If this came out as well as it did with a simple 5mp photo, I can only imagine how fantastic high resolution photos would look!
    Not only does it make a fantastic addition to my wall, but it also will be a great conversation piece as well as a fun memory for years to come!
  If you want your chance to get a canvas for yourself, then enter through the rafflecopter below!
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

foufoupet PetWipes Review

         Sometimes being the owner of a smelly dog is pretty embarrassing. I mean, his cuteness can only be tolerated by his level of stench that day. The fact that he dislikes water so much doesn't help me any either. I have tried using waterless shampoo on him to ease his nervousness and instead I am left with a stinky dog wearing a raspberry mask of odor. Those two smells don't really go together well, trust me.
         Finding ways to remove the funk without sending Dex into a total meltdown is becoming a huge task. It is especially the worst on days when it rains. He hasn't mastered the art of wiping his paws before entering the house.
      Using wipes on him seems significantly less jarring to his psyche, as he tends to be more curious about them. This is something that helps me greatly! The foufoupet Petwipes from foufoudog really fit the bill with helping me to wipe him down. Not only are they 100% safe for pets, but they are antibacterial in case he decides he wants to step in and track his mess inside the house.
       The wipes are pre-moistened with gentle cleansers, conditioners, and deodorizers so they help remove the smell as well as keep him feeling soft. Not only that but they are tea-scented and come in a wonderful variety pack of travel sized wipes that are great for on the go! They come in some great scents including Apple Tea, Green Tea, Passion Fruit, Chamomile and Orange Pekoe.
     I absolutely love the smell of these Passion fruit tea wipes! They have an amazing scent that is not too sweet and not too fruity and Dexter just seems to absolutely love to sniff them! Which means I don't have to worry too much about him panicking when I pull them out to clean him off, until he realizes that he no longer smells like a dumpster.
     I'm not sure how one tiny little inside dog can smell so bad sometimes, but I sure am glad when I have something to help remove the smell!
    If you have a smelly furbaby in your life that could do with a little help now and then to stay clean be sure to check out the foufoupet Petwipes! You can also check them out on Facebook to keep up to date on new information!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Satin Under-Bust Corset from CorsetChick Review


      A girl can never have too many things that make her feel pretty, am I right? So naturally you wouldn't mind having two, or four, or more corsets in your possession!  I absolutely LOVE corsets! They have the ability to really take an outfit and make it gorgeous, or take a moment, and make it sexy!
     I have never owned an under bust corset before, but there is a first time for everything, right?  I have always loved the style and wanted to try one out because it gives you the opportunity to cinch in the waist and it gives off a completely different look than a full bodice corset top.
     This particular under bust corset has steel busks closure, and laces up the back for the best fit possible. Some of the features I was excited to see on this corset top were ones it did not show on the website, and the website did not do this one justice at all!
    The lacing in the photographs show a simple ribbon tie and an open back but when I pulled it out, the lacing was a much heavier cord and actually has a hidden modesty panel. This allows you to have more skin covered if the lacing need to be open a little more, or if maybe you just don't like the laces rubbing on your back.
     Though most, if not all corsets on CorsetChick come with a matching G-string, this one actually came with garter hooks! They are detachable so you can wear it with jeans or a skirt, or you can hook the garter straps onto the hidden loops on the inside of the corset and attach the adjustable length straps to the tops of your stockings!
      The hooks that attach to the stockings are super soft and stretchy, but rubberized so they should grip without ripping most stockings.
       If you haven't checked out CorsetChick yet, what are you waiting for? Not only do they carry most sizes, including plus sized corsets, but they also have a huge selection of lingerie, shoes, sleepwear, hosiery, and tons more! One of the best parts is that most of their huge selection of corsets are less than $30!
      If you want to learn more be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trend Set Fashions Mystery Earrings Deal

        What woman doesn't love a good sale or deal on a fantastic piece of jewelry that she could potentially love forever? Trend Set Fashions is giving you that chance! They have a fantastic deal going on that not only will give you a mystery pair of earrings, but that mystery pair of earrings could be a little something extra special.
   For a limited time you can purchase their Mystery Earrings box deal on their website for $20 and you will receive a pair of earrings ranging in price from $20- $250! What woman wouldn't want to own a fantastic pair of diamond stud earrings knowing you only paid $20 for them? That to me sounds like it would be the greatest sale conquered ever!

          All you have to do is click on the green mystery box on their home page or go to their earrings section and add as many of the $20 blue mystery earrings boxes to your cart as you like and wait for them to come in the mail! You have a 1 in 25 chance of getting the diamond studs! Even if you don't win the diamond studs you will still receive a pair of earrings worth $20 or more with free priority shipping!   
      If you like what you see check out the mystery deal before it sells out on their website! They also carry tons of other beautiful jewelry as well as sunglasses and bags! Also if you want to keep up to date you can like them on Facebook.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

WhimseyBox Review and Giveaway

               For those of you who may not know much about me, won't know that I am a huge fan of crafting! I learned from a young age how to sew by hand followed by crocheting and cross stitching. As I got older I started picking up different kinds of things from working with clay, to scrapbooking, to jewelry making, to making candles. I have just about done it all!
               When I realized that there was such a thing as a crafters subscription box I literally squealed with excitement. Believe me, it wasn't pretty. WhimseyBox is a monthly subscription service where they essentially send you a box full of the items you need to create something with instructions and it's up to you to make it your own or just enjoy it as is! 
        This month's WhimseyBox was a DIY peppermint beeswax lipgloss kit and I was over the moon! The kit literally came with everything you needed to create at least 3 tins of your own lipgloss with a little extra just in case.
         Now I am not a huge fan of peppermint outside of the holiday seasons so I decided to get a little creative with mine. I melted the wax and castor oil in the kit and added a little vanilla to one tin and peppermint to the other two tins in varying degrees of strength. 
         I couldn't just be okay with 3 plain clear lipglosses though! I had an unopened mineral eye shadow and popped a little pink into one of the tins before mixing it up and it gave a gorgeous colour in the tin and a hint of colour on the lips which is fantastic! It gives it just enough colour to be unique but not so crazy that anyone would shy away from it. 
         Everything about this kit was fantastic! I love the added touches of the stickers, the labels, and the little pins! I am a collector of these little tiny pins and they are just adorable! Everything was packed so nicely in the box and all of this together I couldn't believe that this subscription only costs $15 a month!
             This subscription service is a fantastic box for beginners who don't know where to start, or full time crafters who enjoying having a ready made kit sent to them as a surprise every month! Not only that but it would make a fantastic gift if you have someone in your family who loves to craft! 
            If this review has you excited to learn more then you are in luck! WhimseyBox is allowing one of my readers to snag their very own box! Enter through the Rafflecopter below to win one of your own!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

#Givver Social Media Giving Day Giveaway

       Givver.com is awesome. It enables you to donate quickly and easily to your favorite causes with a single tweet! Whether it’s a non-profit, educational, or political organization you want to support, Givver is here to help you fund and raise awareness for the issues that matter, all by simply using Twitter.
Givver is a great way to show your friends, family, and followers on Twitter that you care in a tech-savvy way! Let's all tweet to #give to at least one organization that needs our help by using Givver and make social giving go viral this Social Media Giving Day on July 15!

For more information and to sign up to be ready on July 15, visit: https://givver.com/organizations.
       What's Your Twitter Personality QUIZ! - What kind of Tweeter are YOU? Are you first with breaking news stories or does celebrity gossip fuel your timeline? Do you mostly retweet recipes, hashtag humorous one-liners, or are you a font of philosophical wisdom? Take the quiz to find out!

• Learn & #Give on July 15 2013 - Head to Givver.com to see which worthwhile cause you will support on Social Media Giving Day, all with a single tweet! MAKE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MATTER ON JULY 15!


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Escape Monthly Subscription Box giveaway

    Living in a Chaotic world is awful sometimes. The stress can really get to you. Why not enjoy an escape in a box?! Escape Monthly is a subscription service that is brand new to the market and is launching their first box next month!
         Not only will these boxes contain deluxe full sized luxury products,
Travel Guides & Secret Tips, and Special Offers for Resorts, Spas, & Travel, but they will also allow you the opportunity to win Vacation for 2 to the Destination of the Month, just for being a member!

           If you are intrigued, check out their website to learn more! Or take advantage of the amazing exclusive coupon "YOURESCAPE"—worth 20% off for life! (For the first 100 members that use this code!)
          Also they are allowing one LittleYllwBird reader the chance to win one of their very own Escape Monthly boxes ($50 Value)!!

             If you want the chance to win all you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter form below!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

T.U.K. Sneaker Review

   Falling in love with shoes is something I do pretty regularly. I could spend hours upon hours scrolling through shoe websites and just checking out all the different shapes and styles and fabrics and heel heights. I am a sucker for a pretty platform pump, but my first love has always been odd shoes.
      I love the crazy shoes that most people look at and wonder what on earth the person was thinking when they made those. I'm alright with that!
      I have owned my fair share of crazy shoes, some of them were real head turners. When I saw these T.U.K.'s on Amazon during a late night browsing session it didn't take long before I drained my gift card balance to purchase them!
      I have always loved T.U.K. shoes from afar and always wanted a pair but never purchased them for some reason or another. This particular pair screamed my name though and they had to be mine!
      I have had these shoes for roughly 3 months now and I literally have been wearing them every single day at least once a day. These are my Dexter walking shoes, my rain-puddle stompers, and my quick run to the store shoes.
       They are a synthetic, manmade, vegan friendly shoe which is pretty awesome to begin with! They are covered in black and white newspaper clippings about punk rock, and the toes are adorned with zombie teddy bears!
        I love the  wide Mary Jane style adjustable strap, and the random hardware on the heel of the shoe in the form of a detachable hook.
       The shoes look like they would be a hard leather creeper shoe that would be difficult or clunky to walk in with little to no movement, but when they are on they feel just like a pair of canvas sneakers.
      The bottom of the soles have a 3D Skull and bones tread to prevent slipping when you walk. I absolutely love how well they grip. Typically I'm a clumsy person and I haven't fallen once in these.
      The sizing runs pretty wide around the toes but with a pair of socks or some shoe inserts they fit nice and snug. I never had a break-in period with any blisters on my feet anywhere from wearing these!
      I would say the biggest issue I have had with these shoes is the insoles. Either mine were never attached or they don't attach them at all, I spend 1/2 the time putting the insoles back into place as they pull out of the shoe completely when I slip them off and on. Considering how rough I am on the shoes, and that I never unbuckle them, this seems to be a small price to pay! After 3 months of solid wear nothing has ripped, torn, shredded, faded, worn out, broken, or fallen off these shoes!
        The biggest upset I had was when I went to purchase a second pair in the red leopard hearts, they sent me shoes in 2 different sizes and then sold out in that style and have not restocked. I hope to continue to grow my T.U.K. collection as I now know they can stand up to every day wear! Best purchase ever!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Born Pretty Store Holographic Polish Review

      As a woman who loves her nail polish, I have tried just about everything. I haven't however owned a holographic polish before and I must say I am in LOVE!
       I won a bottle of the new holographic polish from BornPrettyStore and I am beyond ecstatic and I wish I had this polish sooner.
      This is the first ever Born Pretty Store brand polish they have released and it is pretty spectacular!
       The polish itself is in shade #7 and in the bottle it appears to be a dark gray  and on the nails it looks more like a dark gray/green with tons of holographic shimmer glitter.
         The polish is on the sheer side which makes it fantastic for layering. Though one coat still gives you a gorgeous sheer holographic appearance to the nails, four coats give you a nice opaque look without dulling the holographic effect.
          A fantastic thing about it is without a base coat or top coat and four coats of polish I was able to get away with a full week of wear with no chips.
          Not only is this particular shade fantastic and wears well, they are also available in 11 other shades! They may only be 6ml or 0.2 fl oz. but it is well worth it as they are currently on sale. I fully plan on picking up another shade once I decide which one I want!
         If you like these or would like to check out anything else that BornPrettyStore offers check out their website! They run some great sales and have free shipping! Also you can use my coupon code JLL91 to receive 10% off any item on their website!
        When you make a purchase on their website and review the item and upload photos you can earn points to get items for free!
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