Friday, August 30, 2013

Orkin Home Education Kit Giveaway

Is your home at risk?

The best way to protect your home is education. How much do you know about household pests? They don’t have a place in your home, but pests do have a place in the world. From science and forensics to art and culture, pests play an important role.

Take the Pest Test Quiz to find out how well you know about our tiny neighbors!

Orkin are EXPERTS in bug science and developing customized solutions for keeping your home pest-free!


• The Pest Test! QUIZ - See if you know your bug science by taking this quiz and testing your pest knowledge!
• Bizarre Bug Facts! PDF - Get the facts on these creepy crawly critters from the experts at Orkin!
• View the Orkin Man in Action! GIFs - Watch these exciting Orkin Man GIFs that prove he’s part scientist, part superhero!

The Orkin Home Education Kit includes:

• 2 Orkin Factoids 11x17 Posters
- Poster #1 - The Pollinators
- Poster #2 - The Recyclers
• 1 Orkin bug-finding flashlight
• 20 Rubber Toy Creepy Crawly Bugs

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Ultimate Life DVD Prize Pack Giveaway!

Are you living THE ULTIMATE LIFE?                     
Between the pressure of running a foundation started by his late grandfather, being sued by his greedy extended family, and seeing his beloved Alexia leave on an extended mission trip to Haiti, Jason Stevens' world is unraveling. But when Jason discovers a journal that his grandfather began as a Depression-era lad, his writings transport Jason on an incredible rags-to-riches ride. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason hopes he can discover THE ULTIMATE LIFE.

Opening in theaters September 6, THE ULTIMATE LIFE (the sequel to The Ultimate Gift) reminds us some things are worth more than money!

With The Ultimate Life Blog App, take the quiz to find out if YOU are Living Life to the Fullest! Read six great ways to start living the ultimate life NOW, as written by Jim Stovall, author of The Ultimate Life book. And watch the official trailer for this inspiring movie!


The prize pack contains:
• DVD of The Ultimate Gift

• The Ultimate Gift book by Jim Stovall

• The Ultimate Gift charm bracelet

• The Ultimate Life leather-bound journal              

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Monday, August 19, 2013

ANI Brand Shoe Review


      A lot can be said about a comfortable pair of shoes. What makes them even more special is if they look fantastic as well. But what if the shoes offer so much more than that? What if they are also styling, vegan and eco-friendly? Would that make you love them more? What about if they were actually designed with the intention of correcting the problems caused by conventional footwear?
   ANI brand shoes were designed to be a barefoot shoe.  Most shoe brands obstruct the foot’s ability to adapt to the ground, forcing the foot to adjust to the shoes. Barefoot shoes allow the foot to function without the restraints imposed by conventional shoes.

     Other shoes that offer a "barefoot shoe" often tend to have a thicker out sole or are molded in a shape that is not flat causing unnecessary elevations and angles that put your feet in an unnatural position, so just because they are capable of bending easily does not always mean they are the best for your feet.
      ANI stands for As nature Intended, because they allow your feet to be in the most comfortable natural position as if you were barefoot. Not only are they providing an amazingly comfortable shoe they also use eco-friendly recycled packing materials!
    What I love about these shoes is they are insanely comfortable! I am a huge fan of canvas shoes and the rubber sole has a honeycomb pattern to help with grip.
      I decided on the black on black option but they have a nice selection of your choice of either black or white with a pop of colour on the heel, or solid like I chose.
       One of the best parts about the colour choices and style is they are unisex and would look great on just about anyone!
Custom stardust by @bonkerrs  on instagram
      Typically I wear a 9.5 but I ALWAYS go a half size up as it is not a widely common size. I have always purchased a size 10 in all my shoes. ANI stated they run a full size small but I got a size 10 and they fit perfectly!
      I can't get over how absolutely perfect these shoes are for my life right now! I can't wait to try out some fun lacing techniques on them to make them look more fun, maybe toss on a pair of neon laces which will take them from basic black to fun and funky! There really is no end to what you can do with a pair of canvas shoes!
      I love the feeling of comfortable shoes and I would recommend these to the moon and back to literally anyone who asked!

       If you want to learn more be sure to check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr., or Pinterest!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stand Up! Giveaway

Get ready to stand up for what’s right!

Did you know that more than 160,000 U.S. students stay home from school each day from fear of being bullied?  (Source:                              

Based on one of the most beloved Young Adult novels of all time and directed by the acclaimed D.J. Caruso, Standing Up follows two kids who get bullied by a vicious summer camp prank. Left together on an island, their adventure begins once they decide not to be victims and instead they Stand Up!

Standing Up is an adorable and heart-warming gem of a movie with an important anti-bullying message that’s suitable for the whole family! Get the DVD August 20!

What can be done to help the bullied “stand up” for themselves?

Click the image for a printer friendly version.

One of the best things we can do to understand the problem and discuss solutions is to be inspired. The movie “Standing Up” is THAT inspiration.

Check out the Standing Up Blog App to take the Do You Stand Up to Bullies? QUIZ, unlock tips to BEAT THE BULLY! And don’t forget to watch this amazing movie on DVD, released August 20.
The stunning soundtrack to Standing Up from Varese Sarabande Records is available to purchase on 9/3 on iTunes and 9/24 in stores.

One of my readers will win a Standing Up DVD signed by director D.J. Caruso!


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EasyCanvasPrints 8x10 Canvas review


   The ability to hang something on your wall that you get to see everyday is pretty cool. Especially if it makes you smile or evokes some kind of emotion. What would make that feeling even better is when that photo happens to be one that you took yourself.
   If you remember my past review of the larger canvas of  Dex on a motorcycle then you may already know what I'm talking about here. If not, just enjoy the ride!
 If you read my other review on the canvas print of
     I decided that the large canvas of Dexter wasn't enough in my life and I jumped on the chance to hang two more canvas prints on my walls. I knew right away what photos I wanted to choose and both of them happened to be black and white photos I had taken myself. EasyCanvasPrints has the option to turn your photo into a black and white photo if you prefer but mine were both already that way and I wanted to see how two cell phones pictures would look blown up to an 8x10 size.

        Both photos were taken with horrible phones (one was a flip phone, one was a touch screen) years ago and the megapixels couldn't have been over 3.2 on either one, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice the prints came out! I didn't even get an email stating the photo quality was too low like I did with the picture of Dex.
         Both of the photos almost have a haunting quality about them as they were both taken in the fall, one at the end of my parents driveway, and the other in a park on some stairs cut into the side of the hill. They will both remind me of the days when I took the photos but they will also be just a great set of prints to have hanging on the wall in any room.
          The quality of each print is just as amazing as the larger canvas I have. It still has a sturdy wooden frame and a thick canvas secured to it. I once again chose the wrap around image because I just love how it makes the photo
interesting from all angles. I can't get over how much I absolutely love these and I wouldn't trade them for the world! I hope to continue to add more to my collection in the future!
       If you want to learn more check out their website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!

CanvasCanvas Prints                                                                                 Photo on Canvas Easy Canvas Prints
Recommends:   Photo Prints

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kona Kase Review

        Being healthy sometimes is just a way of life. You commit to doing it and then you find ways to carry out this plan so you feel better in the long run. Sometimes it can be hard in a sea of snack foods and sugary energy drinks to find something that works for you that is healthy and tastes good. That's why I love subscription boxes. I never get tired of being able to test something out and if I like it enough I will know what I love and I can find it to purchase later.
       Kona Kase is intended to be a box full of items you can use before, during and after training and races to discover what products give you the best results.
      It was started in May 2012 when creators John and Taylor were running the Relay (200 team relay from Calistoga, CA to Santa Cruz, CA) and found themselves tired of eating the same old boring energy bars, but finding similarly healthy alternatives wasn't easy.
      They wanted to create a platform where runners, cyclists, swimmers, and yoga/Cross-fit aficionados could sample different brands from around the country to find what works best for them. And so, Kona Kase was born.
       I received the July Kase and it had some great products I HAD heard about like Perky Jerky and ProBar Bolt (If you recall I did a review on ProBar). It also contained other items I hadn't heard of like the Health Warrior Chia Bar, and the Body Glove Surge among others.
       I had to fight Dexter for the Jerky, but I found most of these items to be absolutely awesome. The idea of a tasty energy chew, or that garukabar! Whole peanuts, dried cranberries and raw honey; does it get any better than that? The Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit mix is pretty spectacular with sunflower kernels, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and apricots. Simple and yet full of vitamins and packed nicely in a easy to take along package.
        The idea that this particular box is only $15 a month is completely mind blowing if you are truly looking for something different and boring energy bars and sugary drinks aren't cutting it for you anymore. All kases ship free and you can cancel anytime making this the perfect chance to try something new. If that isn't good enough they are providing a coupon code to you for $5 off your first Kase! Just use the code "GIFTSUMMER"!!
        If you want to learn more be sure to check out their website or follow them on Facebook of Twitter to stay up to date!

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Friday, August 9, 2013

BrushLove Back to School Survival Kit - Tote Hunt Giveaway

      5 Luck winners will be selected to win a Back to School Mystery tote FILLED with fantastic beauty products valued at $100!! All you have to do is visit BrushLoves website and find the hidden tote to be entered to win! Each tote is different but equally as awesome!
        The giveaway runs August 9th through the 29th at 11:59pm EST and the total value of all the prizes are $500!!!!
      The giveaway is open to US and Canada residents 18 and older.
*The tote can be hidden on the homepage as well as the sale section.*

                          Find the tote then click HERE to enter!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zipz Shoes Review and Giveaway


    Sometimes ladies love their shoes. What they love even more is options! If I had the choice I would have an entire house filled with shoes! More shoes than any one person could ever possibly need, but I would have the option to wear whatever shoes I wanted on any given day. Though I know this isn't feasible, nor does it sound very sane, Zipz has come up with an awesome option. If you can't have tons of  shoes, why not have one pair of shoes that can LOOK like tons of shoes!
         Zipz are a sturdy canvas shoe that look like they are constructed just like any other canvas shoe but with one major difference. The entire top half of the shoe zips off at the base so you can not only change the look of your shoes, but you can change the style of your shoe as well! Born in California and made in the USA,  Zipz are the first true interchangeable shoe!
         Something that is also pretty fantastic? Zipz aren't just for women! With tons of looks to choose from, even the pickiest of teenagers may find something they love. If you don't love the styles readily available, you can actually custom order a pair with any print you choose for a truly one of a kind pair of shoes!
        I love the style of a good lace up canvas sneaker, but sometimes it is easier to throw on a pair of slip on shoes and go. What's great about these is I don't have to choose whether I want one or the other!
       Not only can you easily switch your shoes from laces to slip ons, they also have  high tops style available.
      I love that the insoles of the shoes are nicely padded so you aren't sacrificing comfort, and the zipper is a super sturdy YKK brand. These shoes are tested to make sure they stay together and are well made. If you are looking for them to be waterproof, they aren't. You wouldn't walk through a puddle in other canvas shoes and expect your feet to stay dry, so I wouldn't recommend doing it in these.
       Overall I am in love with these and I can't wait to continue to collect more styles or create one of my own in the future! If you love the idea if Zipz as much as I do now is your chance to win a pair! Enter through the Rafflecopter below and one winner will walk away in their choice of Zipz from their current lookbook. (adult size 5-13 men's/unisex)
      If you are on the market and would like to purchase a pair, or would like to pick up some new styles of covers you can check them out at HotTopic, ShoeBuy, or ZipzCustom.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blue Steel "Love Is All You Need" Necklace Review and Giveaway

           A lot can be said about the perfect necklace. Whether that necklace is a gift to someone you love, or a gift to yourself. Sometimes that necklace is the piece that does all the talking.
           I've been trying to branch out some with wearing jewelry a little more often and I have a few pieces now that I am just in love with. Finding jewelry I like can be a task for me because I naturally tend to go for the absurd in lieu of something elegant or pretty. (E.g. a bronze-tone coffin that opens up on an absurdly long chain.)
            Whenever I see this necklace though, it conjures up a certain Beatles song that remains stuck in my head for hours on end. I think that is why I love it so much!
           The Love Is All You Need necklace from Blue Steel is a stainless steel necklace on an adjustable 18'' chain with lobster clasp. Not only is the necklace itself classy and sweet, it also can hold a lot of meaning if given to someone you love as a gift.
           Because it is stainless steel it won't ever tarnish, which is fantastic news for me because it means it is a low maintenance piece that will always look great no matter what. Also the pendant part of the necklace feels solid, so there isn't that fear it will unbend.
            If you do decide to give this as a gift it comes in an adorable blue box with a silver bow. The Necklace chain is nestled in foam so there is less chance of it twisting or getting tangled in the box. 
       If this particular necklace isn't your thing, they also carry tons of other amazing pieces. Including different metals, such as titanium, sterling silver, and tungsten, and you can find everything from wedding rings to earrings and everything in between. Including men's jewelry!
        If you happen to love this necklace to pieces and would love the chance to have a little more love in your life; enter through the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win one of these beautiful necklaces!

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Fantasy Coloring Posters Review and Giveaway

   Sometimes you just have to let your inner child out, and my inner child is a huge fan of colouring! Who doesn't love to colour? I used to go through tons of colouring books when I was younger and we were never short on crayons, colouring pencils and markers at my house growing up. It can be a wonderful way to relieve stress, or pass the time and it is a really fun way to let your creativity shine. How many times did you turn a simple horse into a colourful unicorn?
        Finding my inner child squealing with delight at the prospect of my 28 year old self colouring again is pretty fun. But my inner nerd is freaking out even more at the fact that these pictures are awesome fantasy themed posters! Dragons, and fairies and elves, OH MY!
        Fantasy Coloring Posters are printed on a heavy duty thick Vellum-Bristol paper and are a larger 11x17 size, so you really feel like you are getting a great keepsake that you can hang on your wall and be proud of.
       One of the great things about these is that you can purchase mini posters, individual posters, or you can buy them in bulk! Plus they have download and print options for only $1!
       All the artwork is done by  a single artist, William J. Murray, depicting scenes of dragon fights, angels, fairies, and huge fight scenes that can only be conjured in a world of fantasy. It really brings a feeling of magic and pure enjoyment. It makes me want to just keep colouring!
      If you want to see what else they have available don't forget to check out their website! Also keep up to date by reading their blog!
        Fantasy Coloring Pages have decided to give my readers an awesome opportunity for one of you to win 10 colouring pages of your choice! All you have to do is enter through the rafflecopter below!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls Giveaway


Would YOU Get Out Alive?

Renowned British explorer and survivalist Bear Grylls is back with the ultimate survival competition, Get Out Alive! Airing Mondays 9/8c on NBC!

In #GetOutAlive, 10 teams of 2 compete to survive in the beautiful New Zealand wilderness with Bear Grylls as their guide. The teams are faced with various survival tasks as they battle the terrain, mountains, gorges, glaciers, rainforests, rivers and rapids. Each week, one team is eliminated, and the last remaining duo will win $500,000!

Come along on this journey with Bear and experience the adventure and challenge of the wild, all from the comfort of your living room.

And most importantly, don’t forget to watch the unmissable #GetOutAlive SEASON FINALE on August 26!

One of my readers is going to win an Official Get Out Alive Prize! The prize is...

... An official Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet from Gerber! Taking advantage of Gerber's decades of experience and Bear Grylls' adventure knowledge, this survival bracelet's design provides 12 feet of high-strength paracord to help you work your way out of a difficult situation. Weighing less than an ounce, it has an easy, one-hand size adjustment and an integrated whistle.

You can also find the full range of official Bear Grylls Gerber merchandise at Walmart here:

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Architectural Mailboxes giveaway

The 'Trade in Your Ugly Mailbox for a New Fabulous Mailbox Giveaway is sponsored by Architectural Mailboxes and brought to your from My Empty Nest.

Do you have a stunning mailbox that says something about who you are? Architectural Mailboxes offers a line of mailboxes that are simply awesome. While they will hold your mail they will also complement your house and not be an eyesore like mailboxes can be. These are stylish boxes in a nice range of sizes and styles.

Do you have an ugly mailbox or know someone who does? If you do I have some great news. Architectural Mailboxes has offered one lucky reader the chance to trade in their old ugly mailbox for a new fabulous Elephantrunk. Read the full review HERE at My Empty Nest.

So get your camera out and take a picture of that ugly mailbox! Make sure to follow the instructions on the rafflecopter below to enter. Open to US residents 18 and older. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is drawn.

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