Monday, August 19, 2013

ANI Brand Shoe Review


      A lot can be said about a comfortable pair of shoes. What makes them even more special is if they look fantastic as well. But what if the shoes offer so much more than that? What if they are also styling, vegan and eco-friendly? Would that make you love them more? What about if they were actually designed with the intention of correcting the problems caused by conventional footwear?
   ANI brand shoes were designed to be a barefoot shoe.  Most shoe brands obstruct the foot’s ability to adapt to the ground, forcing the foot to adjust to the shoes. Barefoot shoes allow the foot to function without the restraints imposed by conventional shoes.

     Other shoes that offer a "barefoot shoe" often tend to have a thicker out sole or are molded in a shape that is not flat causing unnecessary elevations and angles that put your feet in an unnatural position, so just because they are capable of bending easily does not always mean they are the best for your feet.
      ANI stands for As nature Intended, because they allow your feet to be in the most comfortable natural position as if you were barefoot. Not only are they providing an amazingly comfortable shoe they also use eco-friendly recycled packing materials!
    What I love about these shoes is they are insanely comfortable! I am a huge fan of canvas shoes and the rubber sole has a honeycomb pattern to help with grip.
      I decided on the black on black option but they have a nice selection of your choice of either black or white with a pop of colour on the heel, or solid like I chose.
       One of the best parts about the colour choices and style is they are unisex and would look great on just about anyone!
Custom stardust by @bonkerrs  on instagram
      Typically I wear a 9.5 but I ALWAYS go a half size up as it is not a widely common size. I have always purchased a size 10 in all my shoes. ANI stated they run a full size small but I got a size 10 and they fit perfectly!
      I can't get over how absolutely perfect these shoes are for my life right now! I can't wait to try out some fun lacing techniques on them to make them look more fun, maybe toss on a pair of neon laces which will take them from basic black to fun and funky! There really is no end to what you can do with a pair of canvas shoes!
      I love the feeling of comfortable shoes and I would recommend these to the moon and back to literally anyone who asked!

       If you want to learn more be sure to check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr., or Pinterest!

FTC: The product shown were provided for review purposes. no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


  1. Awesome!! I really love barefoot shoes. ANI has such adorable comfy shoes.

    1. No joke! Canvas shoes are the best for decorating yourself too. ;)

  2. these look very comfortable. love the different colors.

    1. They are! I was very surprised. I am finicky about shoes if they aren't comfortable. They tend to sit in their box and I won't wear them as often. These are amazing!

  3. i love canvas shoes and these look very comfortable!

    1. incredibly! They are like little baby unicorns on clouds hugging your feet with rainbows. =) lol

  4. These Shoes sound like they were made for me, since I go barefoot most of the time unless I am going out. I am not used to Heels anymore and, Pumps make me wobbly now that I am not working, no need to wear Dress Shoes very often.

    Thanks for the post!