Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Growing Up Online Free eBook & The Lorax Blu-ray Giveaway

How did YOU teach your children to surf the web safely?

The More You Know Learning Series, in collaboration with NBC News, has launched Growing Up Online, the FREE eBook for parents to keep their kids safe on the Internet!

Our kids have never known a world without the Internet. They’re spending more and more time on the web, so teaching them about using technology responsibly and safely is critical. Use the #GrowingUpOnline Blog App and take the quiz to see if your child is ready to safely surf the web!

Download the FREE Growing Up Online eBook and be sure to watch all four entertaining comic book stories as a family, which show real situations that may occur when your kids go online.

This free eBook provides easy-to-use information that addresses the growing concern about kids’ online privacy and cyberbullying in a unique and engaging way. Growing Up Online is packed with important tips that every parent should know!

• Is Your Child Internet-Ready? QUIZ - Have you talked with your kids about online safety? Take the quiz to find out if your child is Internet-ready!
• Comic Book Videos - Watch all four comic book stories as a family to discuss real situations that may occur when your kids go online.
• DOWNLOAD the FREE eBook - Our kids have never known a world without the Internet. But that doesn’t mean they know how to behave online. Download the free eBook and start a conversation with your kids.
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Beyond Bedding Teen Army Green Camo Bedding Review and Giveaway

      As silly as it may sound, one of my favorite things growing up was getting new bedding! It meant I got to choose a new style for my part of the bedroom I shared with my sisters and it allowed me to create my own space. Sharing a room with two other girls can really make it difficult for you to feel like you have your own style and your own space.
      Designing your own space can be fun when you have a great focal piece and what is better for your focal piece than your bed? What is even better is being able to find everything you need along with ideas in a one stop shop place online.
Beyond Bedding is fantastic for just this reason!
 Army Green Camo Bedding! What is fantastic about this, and most sets, is when you purchase the teen size bedding you can get a four piece set and if you get the full or queen you get a three piece set.
    Beyond Bedding carries everything from crib bedding to teen bedding all the way to fit a king size bed! I absolutely loved the look of the
      This particular set comes with a gorgeous camo in a green and brown print with solid camel and metal button detail sewn onto the fabric giving it a really fantastic, masculine look without being too over the top. With it being 100% cotton it not only looks good, but it's still really soft.
       The next piece in the set is a pillow sham that is made with the same material and look of the comforter. This gives the bed a nice pulled together look but in a fun way.
        The top of the bed is rounded off with a decorative throw pillow. I LOVE this pillow. It is absolutely perfect. I was not aware of it until I received it, but it actually has a pocket on the front! It is pleated and has two velcro closures giving you a wonderful hiding place for notes, lost teeth for the tooth fairy, birthday cards or any special treasures your child wishes to keep close to them.
       The last piece that comes with this set is the bed skirt. In a nice camel colour, it pulls it all together nicely without overdoing it with the prints. It really is a fantastic addition to polish off the look of the bed.
        When you look at the page for the bedding it also has related items from the bedroom you can add to your purchase. Such as curtains, wall hanging items, hampers, valences, memory boards, lamps and lamp shades. Or if you love the accessories but you need something for someone a little smaller be sure to check out the camo crib bedding from Beyond Bedding!
         If you aren't sold by now, just remember that they carry everything for girls, boys, teens, toddlers and everything in between. I personally really love the owl bedding at Beyond Bedding. It is absolutely adorable and has so many fun bright colours!
          If you love what you see be sure to check out their website and follow them on Facebook to keep up to date. If you are in love then scroll down and enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter below to win 1 of 5 available bedding sets! The giveaway runs until the 23rd!

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Guylian Chocolate Truffles Review and Giveaway

         Is there anything more magical than chocolate? No matter what form it takes, sometimes it can really just bring a smile to your face. I used to not enjoy chocolate growing up, shocker right?! I have since tried many kinds and realized that I missed out.
           I had the opportunity to try out some amazing varieties from Guylian. Guylian is a company started by Belgian chocolatier Guy Foubert and his wife Lilian in the 1950's. The company name comes from the joining of their names Guy-Lian. Guy developed the signature hazelnut pralinĂ© filling and Lilian added the artistic touch by designing the shining marbled look and the delicately sculptured shapes.
            The first one I tried was the original Artisanal Chocolate Truffles marbled seahorses. Made of milk, white and dark chocolate and filled with the hazelnut truffle, they look so pretty!

             The first thing I noticed was that they smelled amazing. I took a bite and it instantly started to melt in my mouth and the texture is rich and creamy almost like the consistency of peanut butter. The flavor was not too sweet and not bitter at all and the filling is just amazing! This one was packaged in a little 2 pack but I also received a slightly larger in the most amazingly adorable gift wrapped package that would be amazing to give to just about anyone! The silver paper and gold ribbon were stamped with the logo and the hang tag had a place to write a note in a "TO/FROM" spot. It could not have been more perfect!

           The next product I tried was the individually wrapped  Original Artisanal. They are the same as the other but the packaging is where it gets interesting. They come in a fantastic stand up carton and are individually wrapped so they are fantastic for sharing! I love being able to share something I love with people I think will love it too and this gives you the portability you need.
           I then moved on to the Extra dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can sometimes be too bitter, or have a weird chalky texture which can be very unpleasant for obvious reasons. I do love a good dark chocolate when it is done right though and I don't believe I have ever seen a dark chocolate done SO right before!
       Their dark chocolate truffles have a 74% dark cocoa shell with their extra dark chocolate truffle center. When you bite into them the shell is the perfect consistency and not to hard in contrast with the center. The center again has that amazingly creamy, smooth texture that just melts in your mouth. There really is nothing like it!
        I also tried the Vanilla Cream Truffles. A white and milk chocolate truffle that had a white chocolate cream and vanilla center. These were so unique and I was taken completely off guard when I bit into one of these! They are a little more on the sweet side, as I find white chocolate to be, but they had a wonderful hint of vanilla that wasn't overpowering. Combined with the same great textures as the others and these were their own little slice of heaven!
          Last but not least I tried two of their No Sugar Chocolate bars. With no sugar added, and seeing that one was dark chocolate I was slightly more nervous than I should have been. I was afraid of that bitter, chalky texture associated with some dark chocolates. At 54% cocoa, and no sugar added I absolutely could not believe what happened when I bit into it. It was amazing! It was still actually pretty sweet considering there is 0g of sugar listed on the back of the bar!
         The milk chocolate bar was equally as fantastic, with a great texture and perfect amount of sweet I can honestly say the sugar was not missed one bit in either of these. Even my brother was impressed with them and he isn't a fan of dark chocolate and the no sugar added label made him nervous too.
            I am 100% in love with Guylian chocolates now and I don't think any other chocolate will ever do ever again. I can't possibly imagine anything living up to the amazing flavors and smooth textures and I am now a fan for life!
           If you love what you seen here than one person will get to live this joy as well. Guylian is offering one of my fans an amazingly huge prize pack! All you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter below!

                    One winner (1) will receive the following products:
  • One – 22 piece box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles
  • One – 22 piece box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles 
  • Two - 6 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box
  • Four - 2 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box
  • No Sugar Added Chocolate Bars—Milk and Dark Chocolate (one bar of each)
  • One- 16 piece Vanilla Cream Truffles - Limited Edition
            Don't forget to like them on Facebook so you can be reminded about National Chocolate Day on October 28! They will be having a sale on their website and there may be an awesome coupon code in your future!

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Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Food Review

     With so many  dog foods on the market being recalled, or with a huge list of ingredients that are bad for your pet it can be difficult to really know what to choose. Some foods include so many fillers and things that your dog could be allergic to that it can be dangerous or your pet won't get the nutrients they need. That is why I am absolutely in love with Orijen's line of freeze dried food available on the Chewy website!
        If you remember my previous post, I reviewed Orijen's Freeze dried treats and Dex was absolutely smitten with them. The bag did not last long. I love that this line of food runs along the same vein as the treats in that it is a biologically appropriate, whole prey diet food made with regional poultry, fish and eggs and local fruits and vegetables out of Canada.
         Dexter got to try out the Orijen Adult, but it is also available in Regional Red and Tundra. The Adult formula is great for all stages and is loaded with meat ingredients (90%), including a Biologically Appropriate symphony of cage-free chicken, turkey and nest-laid eggs from local farms, plus wild-caught herring and flounder from North Vancouver Island.      

    What is interesting about this food is they are shaped like medallions and it is insanely easy to prepare! The instructions on the side say for Dexter's weight range he should get four, but I started him out on two just to see how he liked it. All you need to do is break them apart and pour a 1/4 cup of warm water over each medallion and wait for five minutes. You can stir it to make it absorb a little faster.
        Once I sat it on the floor I could not remove his head from the bowl until the bowl was empty. I am actually quite surprised that he didn't vacuum seal his face into the bowl. He was VERY excited.
         I can't imagine feeding Dexter anything else now. It is amazing to see that he took to it so quickly and it is something that is so good for him. I can honestly say I am in love with Orijen and I am glad that Dex loves their freeze dried line.
        Don't forget to checkout Chewy, it is fantastic for finding all kinds of fun stuff from food, to grooming, to flea and tick care for your dog or cat. If you want to learn more, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or  Google+ to stay in the loop!

FTC: The products shown were provided for review purposes, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.