Monday, October 21, 2013

Wellness Wellbites Treats from

   I think it goes without saying that my dog is pretty spoiled. He goes through treats faster than I can replace them sometimes. It's not even just from me either, he has a system where he has worked over the neighbors to join in on the treat-scapade. This dog is very calculated and very bold. The only thing I can do to make sure that he doesn't need to be rolled across the grass to go potty is to make sure that when I give him treats, I give him ones that are good for him. Keeping to this has lead to him never becoming overweight which is a miracle.
         The past 2 weeks I have had Dex testing (and by testing I mean devouring) the Wellness WellBites from Chewy. First and foremost the passed the test on texture. They are a soft, meaty square that are the perfect size and have a consistency of very soft jerky. Speaking of jerky that is pretty much what they smell like, and it is actually quite pleasant. No overly gross process "dog food jerky" smell like you get from some treats that is almost a chemical scent.
     The WellBites  packaging boasts that it's made with whole fruits, and veggies. I have the Beef & Turkey Recipe. I love that it says "For Good Dogs" on the front. It made me chuckle only because I told Dexter it was for good dogs so he couldn't have it seconds before he immediately snatched the first one out of my hand.
      You know a treat or food is good for your dog when you read the ingredients and they are listed as: Beef, Turkey, Ground Brown Rice, Oatmeal.. etc. I like that it also consists of sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, flaxseed, and apples. Dexter loves everything about them and I love that he eats them and doesn't bury slobber covered treats in my laundry basket.
     Out of everything that is fantastic about these treats though; I love what you get the most. Typically when you buy a bag of treats, for me anyway, you pay a high price for quality but they don't last very long because there aren't that many in the bag. Though this is an 8 ounce bag I am very surprised it has lasted this long! Dexter is pretty good about polishing off a bag of treats in less than a week but after two weeks we are only about halfway through the bag! He never gets just one either.
      I think this is going to be a household favorite for the little man for a while and  I am okay with that! If you like what you have seen and want the chance to win a gift card to pick up some of your own or something else be sure to enter through the rafflecopter below!

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  1. Dex is lucky to get such healthy snacks! Yummy!

    1. He knows he's spoiled. The dogless neighbors buy him treats too. Its a wonder he's not a little tubby puppy. lol