Saturday, December 7, 2013

Starlooks November Starbox Review

 Starlooks is at it again with bringing the best beauty products from their line in a monthly box for a great price! The November box was another perfect example of why you should get in on this, especially if you have someone who loves make up and you need a holiday gift!
     The November box was filled with fun goodies that were all about the eyes almost as a sneak peak of what's to come next month in their $99 palette.
     If I had to choose a favorite item out of the box right off the bat it would be the angled eyeliner brush. I love makeup brushes and this would make my second Starlooks brush. The first being one I use quite often, this one is just as incredible. Not only was this included to compliment the cake liner included in the box, but I love using angled liner brushes for a multitude of uses including my brows, and the smaller, sharper and finer they are the better they are at applying everything. It doesn't lack in the softness department either so this makes a fantastic brush to add to my collection!
    The perfect compliment to the awesome liner brush is the Infinity Eyeliner in Orion. It is the most beautiful shade of blue green with just enough shimmer to pick up the light that it truly does remind you of the night sky. It stays where you put it, and the little glass jar is just the perfect vessel for holding something so out of this world.
     The eye shadow palette in this box is almost a foreshadowing of things to come next month. With five amazing shades that would be perfect together or mixed and matched you could create an endless amount of looks with this particular palette. If I had to choose a favorite shade out of this entire palette though I would have to say hands down it is that beautiful gold! It could be dressed up for a festive look, or dressed down and still make you look like a golden Goddess! There's NOTHING wrong with THAT!
     Lastly a tool was lovingly placed in this box that most don't even consider on a daily basis, but when you need one there never seems to be one around. Who knew such comfort or chaos could come from a simple pencil sharpener? I know I need one to keep my gorgeous gem liners sharpened! Never know when I will need to break one of those out in a hurry!
    If this looks like something you would be interested in getting in on subscribe to Starbox before December 10th to receive the incredible December Starbox, containing the Starlooks' $99 VALUE, 15 Shade Eye Shadow Palette. Subscriptions are only $15/mo + shipping!
     What part of that doesn't sound awesome? That $99 eye shadow palette would be the perfect gift for any makeup lover in your life, and at only $15 for the Starbox it truly is a steal! If there is something you happen to like out of the box they have everything available for purchase on their website.

You can also check them out on their Facebook and their Youtube channel!

FTC: I was provided the product shown for review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

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