Saturday, May 31, 2014

Halo Liv-a-Littles Salmon Pet Treat Review from Chewy


         I had a special guest this month in the form of the most loving stray cat I have ever met. I have been trying to find him a new home where he can be loved and spend his life in a forever home but so far things haven't been going well on that front. Luckily all the neighbors inside my fenced in apartment complex have taken a shine to him and he absolutely LOVES me and Dex. He actually listens to me better than Dexter does!
         Well not only is he a rad cat but he actually helped me on the scariest night ever. Dexter had gotten out without a leash and took off running. When Dexter has it in his head that he wants to play a game of keep away, he decides he will travel faster than his little pudgy legs have ever carried him before. He ended up getting out of the fence and took off at 4am in pitch black into a road that still had some lingering traffic on it and I was terrified. He was a good block ahead of me at all times and refused to come back and took off running down random streets. I nearly got lost myself. Thirty minutes had passed, it's pitch black and here I am with terrible night vision trying to find a black dog running 900 miles an hour. Just as I turned around completely lost and confused and almost
completely devoid of hope of ever finding Dex I find this awesome stray cat had followed me every step of the way. Just then he meowed and Dex came running to chase the cat and I was finally able to catch him. Completely soaked and covered in dirt and grass and flowers. He looked like he rolled in someones flowerbed. If this awesome cat (who I have been calling Kiki short for kittykitty) hadn't been there with me the whole time I don't know if I ever would have caught him or if he would have darted in front of a car. I would have been devastated. Because of this I have labeled him my hero and wanted to treat him to something special.
         This is where Chewy comes in! This month I received a container of Halo Liv-a-Littles to review. Dex has kind of turned up his nose at them for some reason but that's okay because that leaves more for Kiki! The Halo Liv-a-Littles are a protein treat for cats or dogs comprised of 100% wild salmon.
         The Liv-a-Littles are a freeze dried treat and when you look at it you can definitely tell what it is you are looking it. It looks and smells just like salmon should. What is great about these treats is they can be used as a reward or they can be crumbled and added to food as a tasty incentive at mealtime. They contain nothing but salmon!
         As I pulled the treats out for Kiki and shook the plastic jar he came running so that is a fantastic start! Once the lid came off he lost his marbles and grabbed the container with his little paws and poured a bunch out and started munching away. He absolutely loved them. I was so grateful for what he had done for me I just let him go to town. He
destroyed quite a few pieces and we barely scratched the surface of treats in the jar so he will be enjoying some wonderful salmon treats for a little while now while I get to spoil him for being an amazing animal!
       If you want to get in on the action check out Chewy to find all kinds of fun stuff from food, to grooming, to flea and tick care for your dog or cat. If you want to learn more, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest orGoogle+ to stay in the loop!

FTC: The products shown were provided for review purposes, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


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    1. amen to that! I hope he either finds a nice home soon or sticks around and stays safe and not feral like the other strays in the complex here... and if I have the option to move and take him with me... he will be mine.

  2. Yay for KiKi saving the day! :) I may have to check out these treats for Karl!

    1. He demolished the treats and continued to come back for more. He was able to pin point the container every time too.