Friday, June 13, 2014

Buccaneer Pirate Dog Pet Costumes Review

      ARRRGH! I be spottin' a pirate dog with me good eye! He be small and as vicious as the sea during a wallop of a storm!
     No it's not talk like a pirate day, but I am prepared for that day now that I have my own pirate! By now it should be obvious that I love to play dress up with Dexter. Though sometimes he is not always in the mood as was the case today.
    I love pirates and when I seen the Buccaneer pirate costume I fell in love! According to the measurements Dex needed a medium and it was a little snug around his belly, so if you are worried about that don't be afraid to go a size up if you need to.
       The hat was a little misshapen from being in the bag but nothing a little extra care can't fix, but I love how the bandanna is connected to the hat the way it is because it makes it look like its a separate piece but also not something you have to worry about getting lost or torn off the hat.
      The body of the costume itself was made of a heavy fuzzy material. probably a little too thick for him to be prancing around in it during the summer but will really come in handy in the fall when it's cooler out. The entire front of the coat velcros closed with heavy duty closures so there is no fear of it wearing down or getting ripped or pulled apart while your pet is wearing it. The buttons on the back seem a little loose and I would be afraid they might pop off and get eaten but they haven't yet and I may reinforce them.
An entire collage of his "I'm not having it" attitude.
     The bottom half or the "pants" of the costume is a lighter fabric that isn't actually pants at all but an attached flap that just sits on your dogs back to mimic pants so there is no fear of them going potty on it by accident. It almost makes it appear as if it is a dress. This fabric is more like the traditional cheap costume fake velvet so it may succumb to easily being torn. If that happens I think the costume would still look sharp if it needed to be removed from the jacket if it were damaged.
     If this particular costume isn't your style you can always check out some more dog costumes at Wholesale Halloween Costumes. The prices are absolutely amazing and the quality is awesome!
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