Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Merrick Flossies Dental Chews for Dogs Review from Chewy.com

    There are never enough treats on the planet to satisfy the need that Dexter has for them. He is like a little bottomless pit for treats. He can sniff them out from another room and knows exactly where they are and what to do when he wants
one. It's safe to say he has me wrapped around his curly little tail because he always gets what he wants. This is why I have to make sure that the treats I have on hand for him are something that I can feel good about giving him. I prefer that they are healthy or good for him so I know that he is getting only what he needs and nothing he doesn't.
    Not only do I have trouble with the treat monster, I also have trouble with his breath so it is fantastic when I can find a great treat that not only is good for him but good for his breath as well.
    We have tried many dental chews in the past and for the most part I have liked the way they help keep his teeth clean and he likes the way they taste.  I was thrilled though to see the Merrick Flossies Dental chews were natural, grain free and gluten free. Not only do they combat plaque and tartar, but the US sourced ingredients are easily digestible and have a natural chicken flavor that Dexter loves.
  I appreciate that the treats can be snapped in half for smaller dogs like Dex even though he could easily eat the whole bag if he could find a way. The only downside for me is that they smell absolutely offensive to my sense of smell. A point of which I think makes him love them even more as he has already devoured just about the entire bag. I think these are a major hit with Dex and as long as he loves them I am okay with the smell.
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  1. My moms dog is the same way! She could eat a whole bag of treats. Lol