Friday, July 4, 2014

599 Fashion Clothing Review

     If there is one thing I love more than anything it's a bargain. What better thing to find great prices on than awesome, cute clothes? Sometimes it can be tough because one outfit at most places will easily run you between $50 and $100. This doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room for accessories, or extra fun pieces. What if I told you there was a website where everything was $5.99 or less? it's true!
      599Fashion is a fantastic website that has everything from regular sized clothing, to plus size as well as shoes, accessories, jewelry and more. It is warehouse direct shopping with limited quantities and free returns and exchanges. If you like something though, act fast because it just may sell out before you have the chance to pick it up if you wait too long.
     Don't think for one second it is just for women though, they also carry boys and girls kids items AND men's clothing! There really is something for everyone.
     I had the opportunity to choose a few items and I was beyond thrilled with the quality of the pieces I received. I have found some of the best discount clothing pieces I have ever seen!
     I picked out a fantastic teal animal print shirt that was a relatively thick but very soft fabric in a tank top. It had a lot of stretch to it but the best part was the deep V lace panel on the back of the shirt. It gave the shirt a little extra sass without being too revealing and the lace is holding up really well. I have had no issues with the lace tearing or anything yet and I have been really rough with the shirt so far.
     The second piece I picked out was really gorgeous. A simple navy blue dress from Faded Glory with an elastic waistband, keyhole top and long tied bow in the front. The dress hits right around my knees. I love the way it fits but the best part is it is perfect for wearing as is, or with layering. I plan on redesigning this dress with some fantastic fishtail action so that when it drapes it has a lot more movement.
   What's a new outfit without a new pair of shoes? Just in time for summer, what is better than a fantastic pair of t-strap sandals? A gorgeous braided look to the straps covered in a black glittery shine these sandals are sure to catch the eye. They are fitted with a short stacked heel and gold accents leaving these capable of being worn with a multitude of outfit options. They have an adjustable strap to make sure they fit perfectly as well!
        The next piece I picked out was actually my favorite! I have not owned a pair of fun leggings before but I think now I may be hooked. The leggings are a bright shiny blue from ShoSho. I am genuinely surprised that these were available for only 5.99. They are on the sheer side but they are fantastic to wear under dresses and extra long shirts like I planned. They feel incredibly well made and I don't feel there is an issue with them ripping or tearing or running like tights. I am a huge fan and I would love to own several more in different shades!
   Last but not least I found this gorgeous necklace calling my name! It matched the teal leopard print tank top perfectly. With beautiful dark green crystal style drop  beads mixed with thin silver swooping chains it really is a fantastic piece.
     With an adjustable chain to fit as tight or as loose as you like it gives you options to wear it as you feel comfortable. What I didn't realize until after I received it was it actually came with matching earrings as well!
        There really is just about anything you can imagine on this site and I'm sure you would easily be able to find something you like. I absolutely loved all the pieces I picked out and it was all between $25-$30 for everything! Just because it was cheap clothing doesn't mean it was cheaply made!
        If you want to check them out to learn more hit them up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

 FTC: The products shown were sent for review purposes only. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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