Monday, October 6, 2014

Lola Granola Review and Giveaway

      Nutritious and quick are not two words that tend to go hand in hand. Generally if you want something quick it doesn't always tend to be nutritious, and if it is nutritious it doesn't always tend to be quick.
    A grab and go breakfast or snack is something that can come up in anyone's day. You have a late start to the morning or are on the go and can't stop for a proper meal it can really drag you down. So a pick me up in the form of a granola bar can really come in handy.
    Most granola bars on the market are loaded with extra sugars and preservatives that turn something healthy into something not so healthy. This is where Lola Granola comes into play.
Mary Molina, a mother of 4 young children, and her husband were relying on public assistance and eating junk food to save money. This sparked the idea in her head to make homemade granola bars for her kids to take to school. This way she could control what went into them, and could adjust the recipe to suit her children's allergy and dietary needs.
    Her husband Ernie took them to work with him as well. His coworkers loved them so much they started to request to buy some. This is where Lola Granola really took off.
     The Lola Granola bars are made in small batches in upstate New York facility, a member of Pride of New York,  and support local food anti-hunger programs.
       “Because we care, we share Lola Granola Bars with anti-hunger children's back pack programs,” Bee Gr8full Naturally – Mary Molina, Mom and Founder, Lola Granola Bars.
        They are made with honey as a sweetener and does not add any rice, wheat, corn or soy fillers, hydrogenated oils or refined sugar. All bars are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and kosher.
       One of the first flavors she came up with was the almond and cranberry. She mostly made it for her husband but her youngest Lola loved it and she decided to make a flavor for all of her children.
        She removed the nuts for her younger child Ruby and left in the bright beautiful red cranberries. For her son Enzo, she decided he was daring and a little bit nuts and made him a combination of almonds and cashews. and Ellie, the oldest, was sweet and caring has one made out of dates and cashews.
        I love the natural honey flavor on all the bars. I am a huge fan of cashews and cranberries and I can't find anything about these that I do not love. Granola is amazing and Lola Granola is definitely now my favorite kind of Granola Bars. Be sure to check them out on their facebook and to purchase check out their website HERE.
          They are pretty amazing! And to make it even MORE amazing Lola Granola is allowing one of my readers to have their very own chance to win a sample pack of the very same flavors I received! All you have to do is follow the rules below and enter through the rafflecopter!

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