Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wild Jaws Tyrannosaurus Rex Staple Remover From KarmaKiss

     If you were anything like me when you were little you had an active imagination and possibly even a great love of all things dinosaur. Also, when thinking back I recall how I used to play with staple removers and pretended like they were dinosaurs. Probably not the safest thing, but I never hurt myself before so there's that!
      Now that I'm all grown up my imagination is still going strong and I still have a great love of all things dinosaur. Being grown up doesn't mean I have to be forced to pretend my staple removers are just staple removers when I can have a staple remover that looks like a dinosaur!
       The Wild Jaws Staple Remover from KarmaKiss now proudly adorns my desk ready to chomp on some tasty staples whenever they are holding together my papers in a malicious manner.
     The staple remover is a nice heavy weight resin material painted with a pretty metallic finish and a nice flat base so it never falls over or has to suffer a balancing act. This could also mean it would double nicely as a paperweight!
      The package it comes in is absolutely adorable as well with an old-timey vibe making it great for gifting. Perfect for that dinosaur lover in your life, it would look amazing on just about anyone's desk!  With the release of Jurassic World now is the time to give your friends the perfect gift to make any office setting a little more wild.
      There's no guarantee that it wouldn't turn into more than just removing staples and become a Cretaceous Period all out war with the pencil sharpener Triceratops! Just me?
      Imagination aside it not only straight up looks cool, but it serves a purpose and that just makes it even better in my book. All grownups need their own toys so why not one that makes a mundane task a little more fun? This is truly one of my most favorite items at the moment and the staple removing process has never looked so fierce before.
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FTC: The products shown were provided for review purposes, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

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