Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Starlooks LooksBook Subscription Review

      Do you ever have problems with over-packing makeup into your purse or makeup bag? Do you feel like maybe you can never finish a product before it's past it's expiration date and you feel like you are wasting so much money? Starlooks has come to the rescue with their Perfect Sized Cosmetics line.
     The Perfect Sized Cosmetics are not sample sized items, but travel sized with nearly 3/4ths the amount of product in their small perfect for on-the-go packaging! They are made to be convenient, but still pack the punch you need in your makeup. The prices alone will make you so excited about these products! The payoff is amazing and the price is even better!
      The Perfect Sized line can be found on their website to be purchased on their own or can be picked up in their new LooksBook subscription line! This comes at a cost of only $12 a month and that likes getting these products for a steal!
      Starlooks has always had fantastic deals in their subscription boxes and this is no exception.
       The box that Starlooks uses is always packed gorgeously! I love the box and I have quite a collection now. They are fantastic to reuse for storage! My Looks Book came in a beautiful black mesh bag so I can carry it anywhere and have the perfect look all the time for touch ups or on the go looks anywhere! I also received 3 gift card codes, This is just some of the amazing things available for those companies who partner with Starlooks to bring your whole look together!
        The makeup itself in the box was just what I would expect from Starlooks. Amazing colour, amazing quality and amazing payoff in the perfect shades! The eyeliner was my absolute favorite with a creamy black consistency in a twistable package that when applied, it doesn't budge! I scrubbed my hand with soapy water and it stayed all day. Starlooks never disappoints with their eyeliners!
        The liquid lipstick was an amazing light berry shade and applied SO smoothly! It wasn't too sticky but it had great staying power. Not to mention it smelled wonderful. I can definitely see myself wearing this shade for a subtle pop of colour while out and about.
         The blush shade I received is absolutely amazing! Rose Gold and highly reflective with the most amazing rose undertone and gold highlights this will definitely give you a nice glowy look and it's not too bright to pair with the lipstick! Suffice it to say, I am IN LOVE!

      You can head on over to Starlooks and check out their LooksBook subscription or pick up any of these colours in their Perfect Sized Collection line along with lots of other amazing products! You won't be disappointed! You can also check them out on their Facebook and their Youtube channel!

FTC: I was provided the product shown for review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Small Owl Child's backpack from LUCLUC


    It's the time of year where all the kids go back to school! Some parents rejoice, others are a little sad. One of my favorite things about going back to school was always school supply shopping! Getting to pick out new clothes, notebooks, pencils and a brand new backpack! I always went for fashion but my parents always decided on function. I didn't always get the pretty backpacks with the cartoon characters or flowers and hearts on it but I also didn't end up with a backpack that fell apart halfway through the first part of the year. I am grateful for that.
    Finding a nice backpack that was functional and stylish wasn't always easy because sometimes the quality wasn't there where it should have been and it can be a frustrating thing for parents.
    That is where this backpack comes in! I received this backpack expecting it to just be a cute little thing that wasn't AS functional as one that is plain and boring, but I was actually quite surprised to see how well made it was. The backpack itself is made out of a really nice thick sturdy canvas material. The zippers upon further inspection were super durable and don't even get me STARTED on the zipper pulls! OH my GOD so cute! They are fashioned to look just like the backpack and are made out of a super thick sturdy rubber so they don't look like they are going anywhere any time soon!
    The backpack has two sizeable pouches with a bungee net on the sides good for small cups or bottles for  your little one to take with them while keeping their hands free and they inside contents clean and dry.
     The detail on the backpack appears to be a print and there's no stretch to the material so there may be possible fading if washed but the image doesn't appear as if it would distort over time. The straps are super padded so it will be comfortable on small shoulders. The only thing I noticed to be mindful of is the straps that attach the shoulder straps to the bag may need to be slightly conditioned to not slide out of the plastic clip if the backpack doesn't have enough weight distributed in it. It appears to be an easy fix though!
      All and all the backpack is a total win in my book! I would say this is small enough to fit any child up to the age of 9 or 10 any older and I would say it would fit more like a lunch bag or purse. Both would work out nicely though! It is just shy of 12 inches tall so it should fit standard notebook paper nicely and have plenty of room for a few smaller notebooks or composition books. The backpacks are available in a larger size but this owl one was just TOO cute to pass up! I would totally pick up another in a different style in the future!
       You can pick up your own HERE on Amazon!

FTC: The products shown were provided for review purposes, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Colorful Numbers and Alphabet Stacking Cups- Educational Toys from LUCLUC

      Having a daycare run in my home, there is never enough toys around to keep little ones happy. Making sure there is something for everyone makes for a better day had by all. Some of the fantastic features this simple but important toy offers is it lends itself to teach smaller children about not only colours, but The start of the alphabet, how to count, learning small from big and helping with fine motor skills. The plastic is a durable heavy duty plastic with rounded edges so the child has nothing to hurt themselves on. The parts are not too small so there is nothing to choke on and the numbers, and letters are printed on the surface of the plastic.
    The cups not only stack on top of each other but they nestle inside each other perfectly for easy storage. This also helps the child to learn to count backwards as well! Another really fun feature is the bottom of the cups. When placed with the opening side down for stacking the top of each cup has small bumps according to the number listed on the cup! This gives the child a physical way to feel what that amount of items feel like.
       One thing I love about the stacking cups is the adorable bear head that tops all the other cups. This brings a fantastic touch of whimsy perfect for this toy! This bear head though lends itself to one tiny flaw with the toys. When turned upside-down the bear head fits snugly into the number two cup. And I mean VERY snugly. This can cause the bear head to get stuck but with a little work it can be pulled back out. This may make for a few unhappy babies but it isn't a deal breaker.
      All in all, though when shipped the box was a little worse for wear, I love everything about the toy as did the kids who got their hands on it immediately when it arrived! Would definitely recommend to someone looking for a traditional toy with a little bit of a twist. You can find this toy from LUCLUCon Amazon here!

FTC: The products shown were provided for review purposes, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.