Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Starlooks LooksBook Subscription Review

      Do you ever have problems with over-packing makeup into your purse or makeup bag? Do you feel like maybe you can never finish a product before it's past it's expiration date and you feel like you are wasting so much money? Starlooks has come to the rescue with their Perfect Sized Cosmetics line.
     The Perfect Sized Cosmetics are not sample sized items, but travel sized with nearly 3/4ths the amount of product in their small perfect for on-the-go packaging! They are made to be convenient, but still pack the punch you need in your makeup. The prices alone will make you so excited about these products! The payoff is amazing and the price is even better!
      The Perfect Sized line can be found on their website to be purchased on their own or can be picked up in their new LooksBook subscription line! This comes at a cost of only $12 a month and that likes getting these products for a steal!
      Starlooks has always had fantastic deals in their subscription boxes and this is no exception.
       The box that Starlooks uses is always packed gorgeously! I love the box and I have quite a collection now. They are fantastic to reuse for storage! My Looks Book came in a beautiful black mesh bag so I can carry it anywhere and have the perfect look all the time for touch ups or on the go looks anywhere! I also received 3 gift card codes, This is just some of the amazing things available for those companies who partner with Starlooks to bring your whole look together!
        The makeup itself in the box was just what I would expect from Starlooks. Amazing colour, amazing quality and amazing payoff in the perfect shades! The eyeliner was my absolute favorite with a creamy black consistency in a twistable package that when applied, it doesn't budge! I scrubbed my hand with soapy water and it stayed all day. Starlooks never disappoints with their eyeliners!
        The liquid lipstick was an amazing light berry shade and applied SO smoothly! It wasn't too sticky but it had great staying power. Not to mention it smelled wonderful. I can definitely see myself wearing this shade for a subtle pop of colour while out and about.
         The blush shade I received is absolutely amazing! Rose Gold and highly reflective with the most amazing rose undertone and gold highlights this will definitely give you a nice glowy look and it's not too bright to pair with the lipstick! Suffice it to say, I am IN LOVE!

      You can head on over to Starlooks and check out their LooksBook subscription or pick up any of these colours in their Perfect Sized Collection line along with lots of other amazing products! You won't be disappointed! You can also check them out on their Facebook and their Youtube channel!

FTC: I was provided the product shown for review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

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