Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mini Training Reward treats Pet Botanics- Chewy.com

  Everyone knows by now I do nothing short of just spoiling my dog. I love to make him happy and see him excited about new things. I love to try to teach him things and see how well he remembers. Having treats to teach him with are something I like to keep handy at all times. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but it is always worth a shot anyway.
    I decided to give the Mini Training Reward treats a shot from Pet Botanics. They are small pellet sized training treats that are bacon flavor and only have one and a a half calories for puppies or small dogs.
     Dexter has learned a few tricks in his time. He can sit on his hind legs to beg, he can jump a little, he knows how to sit and ignore food. Just a few basic things, though he was never able to master "shake" or roll over, I don't think he has been doing too bad. I wanted to try to teach him something new though and rolling over just isn't in the cards.
     The treats, made with a select blend of botanical ingredients, main ingredient is Pork liver and are full of the crude protein, crude fat and crud fiber you dog needs while still being low in fat and a treat that your dog will love.

      The Training Reward treats are recommended by thousands of professional dog trainers and are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. This small 4 ounce bag packs a total of 200 treats meaning there will be plenty of bonding time between you and your pup!
       Right out the bag Dex loved the smell and shoved his head right in it without hesitation. This may seem like a really bad move on my part as they are intended for training and that's not something a dog should do when properly trained, but I don't follow rules so here we go!
       I love the size and shape of the treats they are the perfect size for Dexter. We barely managed to learn anything but they did provide a nice reward for him to brush up on the tricks he already knew. I also really love rewarding him after coming inside from a walk because he was pretty bad about doing his business in side for a little while, luckily he has appeared to have broken that habit for now.
        I have no complaints here and apparently neither does Dexter! He loved the treats and has plowed through quite a few of them so far! I can only hope one day I can teach him how to not be so weird and then I will be set.
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